There are times when you need content and there are times when you need this content to be written down professionally. This is exactly where we come in.

We are Ghostwriting India, the leading agency where you can hire ghostwriters for books as well as every other kind of content, including SEO-optimised web content.

We are the believers who believe that everyone should have the right to write down their dream book and novel and that is exactly what we do. Our team comprises the best writers and can help you write down your fiction and non-fiction novel, your film script and anything that you can wish for.

We also provide the services of the rare and exclusive niche of ghost and content writers for hire for writing down your autobiography. From ghost essay writing to ghost book writing, we do everything.



Whenever you look for a ghostwriter online or you want to hire services, you would want a ghostwriter who is not only experienced but is versatile and can adapt to your requirements and your wishes.
Perhaps you might have tight deadlines or perhaps you want them to be an expert in ebook writing, with us you can hire ebook ghostwriters, fiction ghostwriters as well as any other kind of writers and be assured that every member of our team is apt in more than a dozen varieties of ghostwriting.

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Take a look at our stellar services. We have a wide variety of versatile and reliable ghostwriting services backed up by our team of professionals.

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Hire Non-Fiction Ghostwriters

Check out our premium and reliable nonfiction ghostwriting services for all your content needs

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Script Writing For TV Series

The perfect place to get script writers for hire for all your movie, TV series, short film and theatre needs

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Article Writing

Hire article writers for the best-researched articles for all your academic and other content needs

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Hire Web Content Writer

Hire professional ghostwriters as we ensure the most reliable and effective website content writing services

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Children's Book Ghostwriting Services For Hire

Our children's book ghostwriters will always bring out the truest essence of childhood with their quality content

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Hire Script Writers For Screenplay Writing

Get the most experienced and seasoned screenplay writers for hire for all your screenplay and script needs

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  • - Industry seasoned and experienced ghostwriters.
  • - With multiple years of industry experience
  • - Most of our team members are authors too
  • - We are driven by passion over anything else
  • - We feel proud to carry the baton of the ghostwritingindustry
  • - All our talent is in-house, we do not outsource
  • - We do not compromise, a promise to a solution is written in stone here


  • - Lowest service charges in the ghostwriting industry
  • - Legal contract signage to ensure sanctity of the writing
  • - Versatile ghostwriters who will adjust to your timings
  • - Experts in scriptwriting, commercial copywriting, speech writing
  • - Unmatched ability to meet tight project deadlines
  • - Automatically generated regular and timely project updates
  • - Publishing ready manuscript after editing and proofreading

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Check out all the news and latest updates by Ghostwriting India as well as all our new offerings in the industry.

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Complete List of All Types of Ghostwriters in Existence

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How To Create an Outline for a Ghostwriter? Find Out Today

How To Create an Outline for a Ghostwriter? Find Out Today

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Top 10 Business/Motivational/Self-Help Book Ghostwriters

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Ghostwriting India is among of pioneers of ghostwriting, bringing effectiveness and excellence to content for decades.

With us, you get

  • - Technical writing expertise
  • - High volume accommodation
  • - Educational content expertise
  • - Strict deadline matching
  • - Fiction book writers for hire
  • - Commitment to confidentiality


The quality of the content of websites has not always been the best and ghostwriting was never a popular thing here. We are here to change this because we want high quality content to be available to anyone who is passionate and willing enough. With your cooperation, we can establish a good ghostwriting scene in our country wherein anyone can avail of any type of content no matter how big or small their business and website is and no matter if they are trying to write a small book or a novel. Let's transform the nation’s content today.

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