We are Ghostwriting India and we are the leading ghostwriter-for-hire agency in India. We have been in the ghostwriting industry for more than a decade now and we are proud and pleased to be the voice of our visionary clients.We have comprehensive and extensive experience in writing everything from script ghostwriting to fiction and non-fiction ghostwriting as well as children’s book ghostwriting and much more. We have experience in writing for nearly every kind of major industry in India that includes everything from martial art institutes to construction companies and much more.The thing that sets us apart from the competition is our passion and zeal to make sure we never turn back a client. We do not aim to be one of the best because we aim to be the only alternative for ghostwriting in India.We follow a simple chain of steps to make sure the onboarding process is smooth.


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We understand that our clients might not be familiar with the process of hiring a ghostwriting agency. That is why we do not go into complex steps when a client shows interest in our work, we simply advise them to contact us.

We schedule a meeting with our clients whether it is physically or through video conference. We make sure that our top management handles the meeting so that we can truly represent what we stand for.

We describe our work, provide samples and most importantly listen to our clients. We ask for references for the client’s vision of the content they want along with any inspirations and styles of writing they like.

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The finalisation is a simplification because they are more than a few steps involved. After the initial meeting, we make sure to help our clients understand our pricing policy and our terms and conditions.

We provide our clients with a simple advisory so that they can do their part to make sure they collect all the material for their vision of the content and organise it. We then choose our ghostwriters and assign them to the project.

Our brilliant ghostwriters are equipped to work remotely or even accommodate themselves to a location favourable for the client to work on-site. And that’s it, it’s a simple process that gets the job done without compromising on quality or legality.


The beautiful thing about Ghostwriting India is that we all are ghostwriters at our core. Whether it is our CEO or whether it is our HR department or the editing team or even the accounts team, everyone at Ghostwriting India knows ghostwriting. We aim to make ghostwriting mainstream. We aim to improve the overall quality of the trillions of lines of content written every year. It is a lofty goal but the taller the mountain, the better the views, the better the story.

So, come join this content revolution and be a part of this magic of high-quality content creation in India.

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