These Are the Best Conversion Copywriting Tips to Ever Follow

These Are the Best Conversion Copywriting Tips to Ever Follow

Posted By : March 19, 2024

Today we are going to talk about something very important because we will talk about conversion copywriting. We will talk about what is conversion copywriting and help you understand why it is actually very important for a business.

We will also talk about conversion copywriting tips that will help in your conversion optimisation. The fact of the matter is that these copywriting techniques will actually make a difference in your business.

We will help you change your copywriting psychology with the best copywriting formulas and copywriting frameworks that will be effective at what they do to stop you from losing focus halfway.

So, before we get on with the tips, let us understand what conversion copywriting means in reality.

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What Does Conversion Copywriting Mean?

Conversion copywriting is simple to understand, it is just copywriting with a purpose and that purpose is the conversion of potential clients and website visitors to actual clients.

It is just persuasive writing that is effective enough for the clients to take an action that is positive for the business.

Copywriting can sometimes get out of focus because of its various goals but in actuality, there is only one goal of copywriting and it is to generate and improve business.

That is why conversion copywriting streamlines the objectives of copywriting and narrows it down into a simple goal which is also the most important goal of converting the website or app visitors into clients.

However, there is something important you need to understand about conversions. When we speak of conversions, a lot of things can be considered as a conversion, not just a purchase by the visitor.

  • If the website visitor clicks on something upon reading something interesting then that is also considered a conversion
  • If the visitor adds something to the Wishlist based on the website content or even social media micro-contentthen that is also a conversion and copywriting success.
  • Likewise, adding something to their own list or favourite is also a conversion operating success.
  • Sharing the link of the website, simply because they like the website and what it offers, can also be considered as conversion and thereby a copywriting success.

Is Copywriting Really Necessary for Conversions?

Conversion Copywriting

Copywriting is very much necessary for conversions as it is the single basic brick-and-mortar element for conversions.

This is the reason why you really need high-quality copywriting if you desire conversions on your website or any other platform for online content.

Quality Is Ensured

Your website visitors are only going to take any action that signifies conversion when they are satisfied with the website and feel like engaging with the website.

That is where high-quality copywriting content is needed because that will help them check out all the features of their products and also find out information more accurately.

If the content quality is not good then it will become a communication barrier for your website to visitors and it will stop them from converting and eventually becoming clients.

Good copywriting signifies quality.

Trust Is Established

If you have good quality copywritten content then it is eventually going to result in trust because we associate trust with high quality no matter if it is a product or a website.

That is why if you have high-quality content that is transparent and is also very helpful to the visitors then it will generate a level of trust that is otherwise not possible.

This will then help you achieve your goal of conversions because the visitor is only going to perform a conversion action when they can trust the website and that is why copywriting is very much necessary for conversions

Now that we know why copywriting is necessary for conversions, we must look at all the important tips that you should always keep in mind if you want the best conversation rates on your online platforms like websites and apps.

Important Tips for Copywriting That Ensures Conversions

Conversions writing

Keep The Goal in Focus

The problem with copywriting is simply that people forget the endgame and try to achieve temporary goals.

You might want to align your marketing strategy for these temporary goals and it is also very easy to achieve such as small business milestones and small social messages.

While that is good and you should definitely do that but you only have one important goal as a copywriter or as the business owner hiring copywriters.

It is conversion and if you further go down the line, the penultimate goal is to convert visitors to your website to clients.

That is why it is good to have temporary goals in mind when you are doing copywriting but you should never forget the actual goal which is definitely to convert prospective clients to clients.

And even if you do not want to look at that ultimate goal, you surely can look at the immediate conversion goal and that goal would be to make the visitors do something on the website.

Your content should make the visitors perform any kind of actions that show engagement because if you can make them engage, you can then make them clients down the line.

Identify Pain Points with Research

The only way you are going to get conversions is to actually write content that is useful for the visitors because they are simply here for that.

Your visitors might have specific needs and there might be a need in the industry that has gone unaddressed. Your job is to do research and find out what that need is.

When you are able to find out that need with the help of different statistics and different demand and supply data, you can then align your content regarding your product and position it to satisfy those needs.

This means you need to understand what the client wants and then you need to find out what you have to offer and position it in a way through copywriting so that the client understands you have the solution.

This is easier said than done because you need to do research on a lot of things in order to find that out.

You need to find out the core demographic of your base audience and then you need to find out their budgets.

Then you need to find out your product’s Unique Selling Point (USP) and align it with the needs of your prospective future clients.

Think From the Visitor’s Perspective

One of the best things you can do to simplify your journey on copywriting material that will actually lead to conversion is to simply follow the journey of your visitor.

You must think of yourself as the website visitor and not the copywriter and you must visit the website like that and look at how effective the content is.

Or you can do this exercise with someone who has not worked on that particular project or someone who might not even be a writer. Your job is to record their experience.

You must ask them to visit a website and ask them about their awareness journey about the products that they can actually see and the products or services that actually compel them to do something.

It might be things that they add to Cart or it might be things they add to Favourites. You can then ask them if they think of buying it based on content positioning and the type of content they see.

This will help you get a perspective that is not possible from the point of view of a writer and you can then learn from your mistakes and make the changes.

This is true for any kind of creative endeavour and it is to separate yourself from your creation so that you can criticize it.

Focus On Call-To-Actions

Call-To-Actions (CTAs) are probably the most effective tool if you want conversions and that is why you can position them however you want.

One of the best ways to position them is in the form of Scarcity Marketing as well as Urgency Marketing.

You must utilize your Call-To-Action (CTA) buttons in places in the form of scarcity marketing where you can mention things like Limited Stock or Limited Release on products etc.

Or you can position them in the form of Time Limited deals. This will generate the Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) for your website visitors.

Call-to-action (CTA) buttons should not be used accessively because then the effect of CTA buttons will not stay as potent.

However, when you do decide to use these buttons, you can use them in the form of urgency as well as scarcity marketing.

You can even try and use social markers that signify social validation for the product in the form of reviews etc. And you can position these social markers below the CTAs.

Optimise Product Descriptions

And how can we forget product descriptions because it is going to be one of the best opportunities for you to create content that can actually convert the website visitors.

The reason why product descriptions are important is because if potential clients are thinking of buying something and they need to know something then they will ultimately look at the product description.

That is why you need to follow a few things that actually work.

You need to keep the product description short and only write product descriptions that are rich in information.

You do not need to focus a lot on keywords but only have those keywords that are absolutely necessary for the product description but also are relevant to the description.

Along with that if you can ignore the description and just put Bullet Points in the description about the features and that is going to be even better.

This is excellent for websites that do not have to separate categories for Specifications and Product Description.

Your goal here should be to create product descriptions that are actually helpful by being information-dense along with good scannability. That will directly contribute to customer conversion.

Choose the Copywriting Framework of Choice

Copywriting Framework

If you still feel like you need some kind of structure and framework that will help you in your copywriting and conversion strategy then you can choose from a selection of popular copywriting frameworks.

AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire, And Action)

This is one of the general-purpose frameworks out there that you can utilise for any kind of situation. It is all about driving attention and then generating interest and using emotion and psychological reasoning to create desire which will ultimately lead to action.

PAS (Problem, Agitate, Solution)

While it is not as popular as the first framework but it is also simple to understand which is just the identification of the problem and then the agitation of the problem and then the presentation of the solution. If you do it in the correct order and in the correct intensity then you can expect good conversion.

FAB (Features, Advantages, Benefits)

If you want the most simplified approach when it comes to copywriting frameworks then this is it because if you follow this framework then all you need to do is to keep on mentioning advantages and benefits as well as features. This is how it is done but this is probably not the most effective way to do it.

There are a lot more frameworks out there and some are even proprietary and not available in the public domain.

We hope this blog gives you an idea of how conversion works and how you too can do it for your website and create content that actually converts.

However, if you are not sure how to do it then we are here for you because we are the leading ghostwriters when it comes to effective content copywriting.

We are Ghostwriting India and we do every kind of ghostwriting and content writing including copywriting that ensures conversion.

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Common Copywrite Conversion FAQs

How do you write copy that converts?

If you want to write copies that will actually convert then you need to follow different copywriting frameworks that will allow you to write copies with effectiveness.

The thing you need to understand about copywriting is that it is all about identifying the needs of prospective clients and then presenting the solutions in a manner that is easy to consume.

This is done with the help of Call-To-Action (CTA) buttons and language that identifies a problem and presents itself as a solution.

The reason why you can follow frameworks is that it will give you a structure on how to plan your approach regarding copy content.

What are the types of copywriting?

There are different kinds of copywriting for different needs, there is the simple content copywriting which is all about articles and website content as well as blogs and guides.

Then we come to social media copywriting as it is one of the most popular forms of copywriting and you already know what we are talking about.

Then you have direct response copywriting which is the best form of generating conversions.

Apart from that you have brand copywriting that showcases a brand in the perfect light along with its beliefs and identity as well as goals etc.

One of the most important forms of copywriting is SEO copywriting.

Then you have the very popular email copywriting which is all about sending emails in the form of email marketing and it focuses on that kind of content and marketing campaigns.

You also have other forms of copywriting in the form of technical copywriting for things like user manuals, product descriptions and much more.

What is an example of converts?

People have the misconception that you can only consider it a conversion if you see a sale or purchase but that is not the case.

If the visitor simply adds a product to their Wishlist then that can be counted as a conversion and likewise, if they add different products to different lists then that is also a conversion.

If the website visitor is subscribed to a newsletter, then that is also a conversion and if they decide to share the product page on social media then that will also be counted as a conversion.

If they stay on a website for a long time and visit different pages of the website then again you can call it a conversion.

Conversion is basically an action that you motivate with the help of your copywriting.

What are the benefits of conversion copywriting?

We can talk about different benefits such as engagement and we can also talk about improved brand perception.

However, the greatest benefit will ultimately be improved business. Because the ultimate goal of any conversion is to generate business.

If a brand is gaining momentum in a particular sector, then the ultimate motivation for that momentum is definitely going to be business.

So, the biggest benefit of copywriting conversion is a Return on Investment (ROI) when it comes to the investment for that copywriting and business growth.

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