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A ghostwriter is one of the most essential people you can hire to write literally anything and everything for you and today we are going to find out how to save costs of hiring a ghostwriter.


We are also going to be talking about everything you need to know about ghostwriting as well as the current scenario of ghostwriting in India so that you can make a better judgement on hiring the perfect ghostwriter.


So, let us start with the most important question and that is the explanation of a ghostwriter.




A ghostwriter is a professional writer who writes on behalf of someone else and that can be a company or an individual client or anyone else who hires them. Ghostwriters do not write under their own name and the person who usually hires them gets to claim the work as their own.


The job of a ghostwriter is to write as accurately as possible on behalf of someone else and it can be any work of literature such as articles and speeches and it can be entire novels and much more. It can even be scripts for a film or a TV series or it can even be the instruction manual for a smartphone. When you open a box of medicine and you get a paper that specifies everything about the medicine, that is also written by a ghostwriter.


A ghostwriter has a million uses in the world and if you look around and you see a bunch of text or some kind of instructions or mostly any kind of writing, it has probably been written by a ghostwriter.


Ghostwriters can work independently or they can be part of a company or agency where you can hire ghostwriters on a single project basis or on a subscription basis or any other kind of payment model that you want.


In fact, we are Ghostwriting India and we are one of the premium names when it comes to ghostwriting in India and we have some of the finest ghostwriting talents in the entire ghostwriting industry and you can hire our services for any and every kind of content whether it is online or offline.


In order to become a ghostwriter, one must be an excellent writer and one must also have the ability to understand different writing styles and to mimic them when they are writing for someone else. They must have a high degree of intelligence as well as human-to-human understanding as they need to try and understand their clients.


They also need to be passionate enough to be able to learn about anything new as well as create something new with their imagination. This is one of the oldest professions of literature and we proudly carry on the heritage of this noble profession as Ghostwriting India.






This is something we all can agree on and it is that a professional is always a professional and if you want a professional level of content that is not only high quality but has excellent keyword usage then only a professional ghostwriter can do it. It is because they are experts at what they do and they also have to comply with international standards of ghostwriting. They are experts at writing anything and everything which makes them worth every cent.




You are the boss of your company and you are probably more than capable enough to write all the content of your website but think for a moment why would you do that. You must have a thousand things to do already on your schedule and it is not worth spending the extra time and energy on doing something like writing content when you can utilise that time to help grow your company. Simply let the professionals do what they do.




The best thing about ghostwriters is that they are versatile and they need to be versatile because they might need to write about topics that have nothing in relation to each other. For example, one fine day a ghostwriter might need to write about a pencil and the other day they might need to write about the medicine penicillin. That is why it takes only a certain kind of professional who knows how to do research and how to gather information and process that information into high-quality written content that is engaging and effective from a business standpoint.




If you do not have the time to write your own content then you can probably hire anyone to do it for you but there is a risk that your content might get plagiarised before you publish it.  That is why it is always wise to hire professionals like ghostwriters from a professional ghostwriting agency where they will sign confidentiality agreements so that you can be certain your content never gets out before you want it. The leaking of good content before its time can be the difference between business success and business failure.




Ghostwriters and ghostwriting agencies can charge you based on different factors that might include the complexity of the project as well as the kind of industry and the type of work involved as well as the level of research and also the reputation of the ghostwriter.


Ghostwriting agencies and Ghostwriters in India generally charge clients according to different charging models and we are going to talk about that now.




This is the simplest form of charging a client because it is exactly what it sounds like, it is a fixed fee that is usually charged at the end of the work for a specific amount of work where a specific time has been estimated. Sometimes clients need to pay in advance for such a charging model and sometimes clients are even given discounts since they are charged a flat fee.




If the client is not sure about the level of work required when they are hiring ghostwriters then they can opt for the hourly rate model because this is also a very common way of hiring ghostwriters. Clients usually choose this kind of model when they are hiring ghostwriters for an ongoing project and these kinds of projects are usually collaboration projects where new content and new information is gradually being added on.




This is one of the rarest charging models out there where clients need to pay a share of the revenue to the ghostwriting agency or ghostwriter based on a predetermined agreement. This is usually done in the case of books and novels where the ghostwriting agency will not charge anything upfront but will settle on a long-term plan where the client and the ghostwriter or ghostwriting agency will agree on a certain percentage of the book profits etc.


These three are the most common forms of charging models for ghostwriting services in India but there can be other models as well and there can be hybrid models where we see a combination of flat fee and hourly rates as well as revenue share.




There are a few things you must keep in mind if you are trying to choose the best ghostwriter in India. The first and most important thing you must do is to understand your needs. You must understand why you need a ghostwriter and if you can do that then you will also have a very efficient and fast working relationship with the ghostwriter. The next thing you must to choose a few ghostwriters or ghostwriting agencies and shortlist a few among them. You can do the shortlisting by understanding their industry experience as well as the entire portfolio of those agencies.


Apart from that, you must personally meet with the ghostwriters that are going to write your content because you must always have an excellent relationship with the ghostwriters personally. The better you are going to have a relationship with them the better you will be able to convey your needs to them. You must also discuss everything with the agency which includes their contract terms as well as their pricing and also availability and you must give them an estimate of the amount of work they must do. You must never go over budget and you must never go for something that looks and feels cheap because it will cost you in the long run.


These were a few important things you must keep in mind when you consider hiring a ghostwriter.





If you want to select the perfect ghostwriting service then you need to keep in mind the reputation and the track record of the agencies because that will help you understand their capability as a ghostwriting agency. You must also keep in mind their area of expertise and specialization because not every ghostwriter can do everything and if you are hiring an agency, it must have ghostwriters that do the kind of work you want.


Along with that, you must always ask for their writing samples before you hire them so that you can get an idea of their writing quality. You must also keep in mind to check how professional they are with things like deadlines as well as confidentiality. But finally, you must see to it that you are establishing a personal connection with the ghostwriter the agency is sending because if you cannot establish a personal connection with the ghostwriter then it will be very difficult for you to work with them.




One of the most important aspects of hiring a ghostwriter is your collaboration with the ghostwriter because a ghostwriter cannot work alone and they need your continuous support in order to continue the project for you. That is why the most important thing you need to do is to provide them with as much information as humanly possible for the project. This is because you do not want to be liable for the fact that you have given very little information and then again if you give them all the information and even more than sufficient information then it will make their job easier.


Keep in mind to have a very friendly and warm communication with the ghostwriters simply because the better communication you establish the better work you can expect them to do.  You should let them do that job and not force them to complete deadlines and not be very aggressive with them.


You must also provide them feedback in a very constructive and helpful way so that they can make changes to the project whenever needed.


Let us now look at a few helpful ways to save the costs of hiring a ghostwriter.






If you want to get the best ghostwriter agency then research is your best friend because proper research will allow you to understand everything you need to know about the ghostwriting industry. Research will also allow you to get the best pricing for the best quality. You must always keep in mind that you are the client and it is your duty to find the best value for your business.




Ghostwriting can come with many expenses and many hidden charges and that is why you must have the ghostwriting agency or the Ghostwriter sign an agreement on a fixed amount before they start the work. We are talking about the flat fee model. This is because if you are new to this then you probably do not know anyone in the ghostwriting industry and the best thing for you to do would be to agree on a fixed job and a fixed fee. This will avoid confusion and misunderstanding.




The better you know your requirements the better you are going to get them done and this is the ultimate truth of any industry. You must be clear about your expectations and you must also be clear about the exact specifications of the job. This will avoid unnecessary changes and along with that, additional charges.




The less time the ghostwriter has to spend on your project the less money you will have to pay them and this is something you must always keep in mind. There are different ways to make sure your ghostwriter does not spend extra time and one of them is research. If you do all the background work and research for them then they can concentrate on the writing and not spend valuable time on research and organization. This will mean an easier job for the ghostwriter and better efficiency and it will mean less spending for you, a win-win situation.




Ghostwriters are not babysitters whom you always have to distract, check on and ask for updates. They are highly efficient professionals and you simply need to trust the process and avoid as many destructions as you can. The more you interrupt them the more they are going to charge simply because it will take up valuable time which could be spent on writing and it may even compromise the writing quality. That is why you must treat them like a professional and of course, keep an eye on the process without disturbing them.




In order to avoid travel costs there are two definite things you can do and one would be to hire a local ghostwriting agency. But then again doing that you might compromise on quality because you are not getting to choose the best agency nationally or internationally. The second option is to choose a ghostwriting agency that supports remote collaboration so that they can do everything online. You simply have to send them all the research documents and all the specifications in an organized way. In fact, we support remote collaboration at Ghostwriting India.




There are a few reasons why you should not rush a ghostwriting project because rushing the project might compromise the quality of the entire project. You need to give time to the ghostwriters to do what they do best. The second thing is if you rush the project then it might lead to errors which will mean extra revision costs and the worst-case scenario would mean the ghostwriter has to write the entire thing all over again.




It is always a good thing to do some of the writing yourself and it will lead to a lot less costs simply because it is reducing the work for the ghostwriter. You can choose to write the most critical parts or you can even choose to do some of the less critical areas that need a personal touch like the introduction on the preface.




People often make the mistake of hiring a ghostwriter and making them do the entire work by themselves. This is definitely what ghostwriters can do and are capable of doing but it will increase your fees unnecessarily. Instead, what you can do is to write everything down and simply hire ghostwriters for structuring purposes. They are professionals at structuring the work as well as refining the material.




If you are on a tight budget then one of the simplest things you can do to save money is to do all the writing yourself. Then you can hire a ghostwriter to do the editing or you can even ask them to rewrite the manuscript where they see fit. They are just the professionals for the job.




You can either hire ghostwriters to do the entire job or you can finish the writing part on your own and simply hire ghostwriters to review it. They can help you with their valuable feedback as well as professional expertise during suggestions. It will be a lot less money compared to the entire cost of hiring ghostwriters to do the entire thing of writing the entire manuscript.




While this is not the best thing to do but if you are tight on a budget then one way to lower the cost of hiring a ghostwriter is to make the work shorter for them.  Simply reduce the word count and word limit and that way you can often reduce the fees of the ghostwriters.




And finally, we are going to talk about the simplest way to make sure you do not overspend on a ghostwriter and it is to simply ask them nicely for a discount. Ask them if they have any promotional offers or discounts and also explain to them why you might not have a big budget.  When you are kind and compassionate as well as friendly and ask them genuinely for a better price, oftentimes you get a better price.


Now that we know a few tips to reduce and save on the costs to hire a ghostwriter, let us look at a few common questions related to ghostwriting.




· How to hire a ghostwriter for cheap?


While we have told you everything you need to do if you want to hire a ghostwriter for cheap but let us talk about an alternate solution. For that, you need to simply hire a ghostwriting agency that has been in the ghostwriting industry for a long time and these kinds of agencies are generally cheaper or rather affordable is the better term to use.


We are exactly that at Ghostwriting India because we understand the needs of companies and we understand that affordability is one of the most important factors. We also understand that every company needs professional ghostwriting agencies and they deserve quality and that is why we bring quality and affordability together at Ghostwriting India.


· How much should a ghostwriter charge?


This is something that changes according to market conditions and a lot of factors but you must always do your research and compare prices between agencies in order to find out the best deal.


You can also do something and hire us because we are Ghostwriting India and we can guarantee you the most affordable prices in the entire industry and since we are among the pioneers of the ghostwriting industry in India, we can offer you uncompromised quality at the lowest market rates.


· Is it worth it to hire a ghostwriter?


It is definitely worth it if you want a lot of content written with the help of professionals.  Ghostwriters will help you save a lot of time if you want a lot of content to be written and they offer unparallel writing expertise when it comes to writing anything and everything. If you simply hire a writer then they cannot guarantee confidentiality but if you hire a professional ghostwriting agency then they will guarantee you confidentiality.


They are also extremely good at research and can write on nearly every topic and king of content in a professional and polished way within deadlines. While you might think the cost is not justifiable but the benefits add up to a lot more. If you want to have any online footprint or influence then a professional ghostwriter will utilize things like keywords to enable your company and your website to get the best ranking on any search engine. This means better online performance, SEO and much more.


· What is the best way to hire a ghostwriter?


While we can’t speak for others, we can tell you that the process to hire Ghostwriters at Ghostwriting India is very simple. You simply need to visit our website’s Homepage and click on the ‘Get Started’ button. This will lead you to a contact form where you can input your details and send a message.


If you do not prefer sending a message then you can simply call on our number displayed in the contact section and our representatives will help you through the entire process so that we can set up meetings and organize and finalize everything.


· Is it ethical to hire a ghostwriter?


It is definitely ethical and it is so ethical that governments do it and educational institutions do it as well as prominent authors do it. If the ghostwriter is legally allowing you to utilize their work under your own name and it is under a signed contract then it is 100% legal.


At Ghostwriting India, we always make sure that you are satisfied with the confidentiality agreement and all the other agreements and our signatures on them. So that you can always reserve the right to utilize the content wherever and however you want without anyone’s permission.


We hope this blog has been helpful for you to understand how to save costs on hiring ghostwriters and if you do not want to go through all the hassles of lowering your hiring costs then you can hire us.


We are Ghostwriting India and we are one of the pioneers of the ghostwriting industry in India with some of the finest ghostwriting names in the entire industry and one of the best portfolios in India. We are also the most affordable ghostwriting agency because we believe everyone deserves affordability and quality. We are experts at both online as well as offline traditional literature content.


We welcome you to contact us and we will get in touch with you so that you can have the best content in the world.

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