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Today we are going to talk about something very special and something that nearly every writer thinks about.


We are of course talking about how to turn an idea into a novel and how to turn an idea into a story and how to perfect the art of telling a story.


However, there is a lot that goes on into creating an unforgettable story and everything begins with the story’s idea. Writers develop that idea with the help of their storytelling skills as being a writer demands that you have to be a good storyteller.


Writers have to face a lot of difficulties if they have to develop their idea into a manuscript and one of the key difficulties they face is writer’s block.


We are going to talk about everything that a writer can do to develop their idea into a novel and a story and self-edit it and maintain the story’s structure and do proper character development and much more.







Before we talk about anything else we have to talk about the most important element of your novel and that is your readers.


If you have an amazing idea then the primary thing that you must do is to transform that idea and reinterpret it from the eyes and perspective of your readers.


If you do this and look at your idea from the perspective of your readers then you are going to have a lot of clarity when you are going to expand that idea into a normal chain of events.


This will allow you to do a form of mental editing where you are making sure that your idea makes sense to your readers.




Analysing and dissecting your idea is also one of the important steps in creating the perfect novel because an idea, no matter how clear it is, is something abstract.


Therefore, you are going to need to translate that idea into several elements and you are going to think in the form of a root system of a tree. Your idea is the stem and it is going to branch out into different roots which are going to anchor your novel’s plotline.


This is also the moment where you must understand the plot of the novel and have a vague idea about the plot as well as the theme of the novel.




One of the other important things that need to be taken care of after you come up with an idea is plot development.


You are going to have to dissect that idea and come up with significant parts of that idea and break down that idea into a story.


There are different ways to do it but after you get that thing cleared in your mind you will be able to work on the development of each character and how they intersect and transform that idea.


It is safe to go with a 5-point structure when you are creating the plot as you can progressively introduce characters and then you can create a conflict that is going to shape the protagonist.


You can then proceed to the climax and then you can show what are the consequences of the climax and you can conclude with the fifth point.




You are someone who is a professional and you know exactly how to write and we are sure we would not need to tell you that but there is something that we definitely need to tell you.


We are of course talking about the theme of the entire novel because any and every novel follows a theme even if it is abstract.


There might be multiple themes within a central theme but there is always a theme that ties together everything.


You must always keep that in mind because whenever you deviate from the plot and the theme, the theme is the only thing that will get you back on track to write your novel.


The theme is that important.


We hope this blog has been helpful to you in order to transform your idea into an unforgettable novel and we wish you the very best as you try to create a masterpiece.


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