Complete List of All Types of Ghostwriters in Existence

Complete List of All Types of Ghostwriters in Existence

Posted By : July 01, 2024

The world of ghostwriting is huge and it covers a lot of industries and a lot of content and a whole lot of types of ghostwriters whether it is book ghostwriting or whether it is writing internet content.

It is important to understand all the different types of ghostwriting because we all might need high-quality content written by a professional sometime or another it is for our business purposes or whether it is assistance in writing our autobiography.

That is exactly why we are embarking on this journey of explaining to you all the different kinds of ghostwriters in existence and all the different types of ghostwriting possible.

We are going to divide this blog into multiple categories and distinctions so that you might understand which kind of ghostwriting falls under which category quite easily.

So, let us start this blog and look at all the different kinds of ghostwriters.

Ghostwriter Categorisation by Medium

Ghostwriter Categorisation

Book Ghostwriters

Let us start the list with the most popular and the most well-known types of ghostwriters and we are definitely talking about book ghostwriters.

People who are not associated with the ghostwriting industry tend to associate book writing with the only form of ghostwriting and it is just that popular.

Let us look at the different types of book ghostwriters.

Fiction Ghostwriters

Fiction Ghostwriters

Fiction Ghostwriters are the most popular kind of book ghostwriters and they specialise in writing fiction content in the form of novels and short stories as well as magazines and series.

They handle different kinds of genres in the form of thriller, horror, romance, mystery, history and many more.

This is a very challenging type of ghostwriting because these writers have to imagine plots and characters as well as settings and they have to keep the client’s vision in mind always.

Non-Fiction Ghostwriters

Non-Fiction Ghostwriters

We now have nonfiction ghostwriters and they help clients with everything from case studies and books and nonfiction ghostwriting can cover a lot of topics from data analysis to real-life stories.

Non-fiction ghostwriting is different from fiction ghostwriting in the sense that everything written in non-fiction ghostwriting is fact and plots as well as characters do not need to be created.

However, it is challenging in the sense that non-fiction ghostwriting can deal with a lot of data and a lot of research as well as historical accuracy and factual representation of data.

Biographers and Memoir Ghostwriters

Memoir ghostwriting is when the ghostwriter is tasked with the objective of writing about someone’s life and it involves a lot of research and a lot of data categorisation.

While it is similar to autobiography ghostwriting but it is different in the sense that the ghostwriter can write from their own perspective or from the perspective of someone else and not the perspective of the subject of the memoir.

Autobiography Ghostwriters

Autobiography writing is when the ghostwriter has been tasked with writing about someone’s life and sharing stories about their life from their point of view.

This means the ghostwriter has to write it in close coordination with the actual author who has commissioned it and they have to work closely with them and bring their stories and their life experiences and their opinions and visions into reality.

Article Ghostwriters

Article Ghostwriters are quite popular and they are tasked with writing articles for magazines and newspapers and this also includes online articles.

Let us look at the most popular kinds of article ghostwriters in existence.

Magazine Article Ghostwriters

Magazine Article Ghostwriters

Magazine article ghostwriters predominantly work with different magazine publication companies and they might also work freelance and they write for one or multiple magazines.

These types of ghostwriters usually have a specialisation in the form of writing for a fashion magazine or technology magazine or even lifestyle or food magazine or even health magazine.

While they have specialisations and specific demographies that they write for, there are also ghostwriters who are quite popular and can write for multiple specialisations and genres.

The next time you pick up a magazine from the newsstand and really like reading an article, it was probably written by a ghostwriter.

Newspaper Column Ghostwriters

We now have newspaper column ghostwriters and they are basically reporters tasked with writing opinion pieces and advice columns for newspapers.

While they are mostly associated with news companies and agencies but sometimes they even work freelance and can write for multiple organisations.

There is a lot of journalistic work involved in newspaper column ghostwriting and a lot of research as well as specialisation regarding the topic.

Blog Post Ghostwriters

One of the most popular types of ghostwriters in existence, blog post ghostwriters basically write online blogs on various topics on different websites.

These ghostwriters can work for a single company and write blogs for that particular company or they might do guest posting and write blogs on multiple blogging websites.

Nearly all the blogs you might find online are written by blog post ghostwriters and this is one of the most popular kinds of ghostwriting.

While this requires specialisation and can involve different topics but blog posts can also be about personal experiences as well as opinion pieces. This type of content is sometimes called online article writing.

Speech Ghostwriters

Speech Ghostwriters



We now come to a very specialised kind of ghostwriting and one of the most difficult types of ghostwriting careers to get into.

We are talking about speech ghostwriting and speech ghostwriters are specialised writers tasked with writing speeches that are mostly going to be read out in public at various important occasions.

Political Speech Ghostwriters

While this is not very established common public knowledge but a majority of political speeches given by eminent political figures are written by political speech ghostwriters.

These are specialist ghostwriters who specialise in understanding the political scenario of a political party or a nation as well as the ideological markers of a political organisation.

They utilise this specialised knowledge to write political speeches regarding law and governance as well as policy and public appeal.

This is one of the most challenging kinds of content writing in that these ghostwriters should not only write speeches that are accurate with the organisational beliefs of the leader but these speeches also have to sway the audience emotionally.

Corporate Speech Ghostwriters

While this is not as high stakes as political speech ghostwriting but this is still quite a specialised form of speech ghostwriting and we are of course talking about corporate speech ghostwriters.

These writers have to write speeches for business leaders and corporate executives for different business events and conferences, board meetings, shareholder meetings and even presentations.

These ghostwriters have to have a lot of information and specialisation regarding the industry as well as the company and even the individual business leader they are writing for.

Personal Event Speech Ghostwriters (weddings, funerals, etc.)

Personal speech ghostwriting is a kind of speech writing but it is for occasions that are personal to an individual such as weddings and anniversaries and even sad occasions such as funerals.

In this type of speech writing, the writer has to be in close coordination with the individual who is going to say the speech and they have to understand their experience and emotions and create a heartfelt speech out of it.

Academic Ghostwriters

We now come to academic ghostwriters who are a very specialised kind of ghostwriters because they have to have specialised knowledge regarding the kind of content they write.

Thesis and Dissertation Ghostwriters

This is basically when scholars and researchers hire ghostwriters to write theses and dissertations regarding different kinds of academic work.

This is a specialised form of ghostwriting where the ghostwriter has to be knowledgeable about the topic and have a lot of research and analysis skills as well as a high degree of collaboration skills as all these factors are needed for dissertation ghostwriting.

Research Paper Ghostwriters

These types of ghostwriters are similar to thesis and dissertation ghostwriters in that they have to review a lot of data, analyse that data and categorise and write it into academically legitimate research papers.

The ghostwriters have to have a deep understanding of the subject they are writing for and the subject might be anything from literature to physics and chemistry and so much more.

Essay Ghostwriters

As the name suggests, essay ghostwriters write essays for scholars and students as well as different academic institutions and they have to adhere to different academic guidelines and keep academic standards in mind while writing essays.

These ghostwriters have to have a deep knowledge of the subject and should also have research and analysis skills regarding the subject.

Corporate Ghostwriters

Corporate Ghostwriters

Corporate ghostwriters are a special breed of ghostwriters with extensive knowledge and understanding of the corporations they are usually permanently employed in and associated with.

Business Plan Ghostwriters

Businessman plan ghostwriters are experts at understanding markets and financial data and the primary thing they do is to create business plans for businesses including strategic business planning as well as acting on different data presented in the market.

This is a specialised form of ghostwriting where the writer must have knowledge of commerce.

Proposal Ghostwriters

If you are someone who needs investors or if you want to go into a partnership with another business then the email or the letter that you need to send to that business is written by a business proposal ghostwriter.

This is a highly specialised form of ghostwriting where the ghostwriter has extensive experience in being persuasive and understands how to highlight your business in the best way possible in the form of a proposal.

Internal Communications Ghostwriters

Every business and corporation has a lot of internal communications whether it’s announcing someone’s increment or whether it is the announcement of someone’s transfer to another branch.

That is why there are special internal communication ghostwriters whose job is to write and communicate different notifications of the business organisation to individual employees and vice versa.

Corporate Histories Ghostwriters

If you visit any successful corporation or company then you might get a handbook about all the different achievements and milestones of that company.

This booklet of narrative has to be written by someone who is not only a professional writer but someone who understands the company and that is exactly what a corporate history ghostwriter does.

Digital Content Ghostwriters

Digital content ghostwriters are one of the most popular kinds of ghostwriters out there and you probably interact with their content daily.

Website Content Ghostwriters

Every website needs a lot of content whether it is content about its features on the homepage or the content in its about page and service pages.

It is the job of the website content ghostwriter to write that content and also keep SEO in mind. This is actually a very specialised kind of ghostwriting where the ghostwriter has to understand how search engine rankings work and know proper keyword usage, EEAT guidelines and much more.

Social Media Post Ghostwriters

Social media post ghostwriters specialise in writing content for social media posts and this content can be in the form of content in images as well as content in social media post descriptions.

These ghostwriters have specialised knowledge about what is trending and what kind of persuasive language to utilise in order to convey the message of the brand.

Email Newsletter Ghostwriters

If you know what email newsletters are then you will understand that these ghostwriters specialise in writing email newsletters in order to send out updates regarding new products and new information about brands to clients.

Creative Ghostwriters

We now come to one of the most creative categories of ghostwriters and also one of the most celebrated types of ghostwriting.

This kind of ghostwriting is highly specialised and the work of these ghostwriters has a profound impact on popular culture.

Screenplay Ghostwriters

The ghostwriters who specialise in screenplay writing are known as screenplay ghostwriters as they write scripts for movies and TV shows.

They are responsible for creating plot lines and character development as well as dialogue generation and this is a highly specialised form of writing with a lot of creativity as a requirement.

Stage Play Ghostwriters

Stage Play Ghostwriters

Just as a screenplay ghostwriters write for TV shows and movies. Stage play ghostwriters write for productions that are usually done in theatres.

This is quite similar to screenplay ghostwriting with the addition of different stage directions and the ghostwriter needs to have a very good understanding of audience response when it comes to this kind of writing.

TV Script Ghostwriters

TV Script Ghostwriters

TV script ghostwriters are often confused with screenplay ghostwriters but the difference is that screenplay ghostwriters write for TV series and TV script ghostwriters can write for any kind of TV show.

This means TV script ghostwriters can write for talk shows as well as reality TV and they can even write scripts for news broadcasts and even whether broadcasts etc.

Songwriting Ghostwriters

The name of this kind of ghostwriting is self-explanatory because songwriting ghostwriters write the lyrics of songs for singers, production companies and composers.

Songwriting is much more common than people actually know and your favourite song might just will be written by a songwriting ghostwriter.

Technical Ghostwriters

Technical ghostwriting is one of the most specialised forms of ghostwriting and it is also one of the most difficult ghostwriting niches to get into as a writer as it requires specialised understanding and sometimes even engineering knowledge.

Technical Manual Ghostwriters

Technical ghostwriters write instruction manual content as well as product guides for different kinds of products.

These include step-by-step guides as well as how-to guides and manuals for different products where the writer has to be very detailed and must have high clarity in content.

Additionally, they also write different product troubleshooting documents and this is a specialised form of writing where the writer needs to have engineering and technical knowledge.

White Paper Ghostwriters

A white paper is a technical report on different technological issues as well as solution reports to different technical challenges. A white paper ghostwriter specialises in writing these reports and technical guides.

Ghostwriters Can Also Be Classified by Genre

One of the other forms of categorisation of ghostwriters can be in the form of the genre of content they write.

This is usually under the category of fiction and nonfiction book writing and can be further divided into different genres.

When it comes to fiction, they can be categorised under all the genres as we know it such as literary fiction, mystery detective, fiction thriller, suspense, horror, fantasy, science fiction, dystopian, post-apocalyptic, adventure, action, romance, historical fiction, children’s fiction etc.

Similarly, when it comes to non-fiction, they can be classified as self-help ghostwriters or true crime ghostwriters as well as history ghostwriters, science ghostwriters as well as philosophy and psychology ghostwriters etc.

Ghostwriter Categorisation by Industry

One of the other categorisations of ghostwriters can be done in the form of the different industries they are associated with.

For example, there can be medical ghostwriters who are experts at writing medical content and that content can be in the form of medical journals and medical academic content.

There can also be finance ghostwriters who fall into the category of that industry and can be experts at finance and write on finance websites and can also write finance book content etc.

Ghostwriter Categorisation by Function

Developmental Ghostwriters

These ghostwriters help in the conceptualization of ideas and they help clients with book ideas and are involved in brainstorming sessions etc.

These developmental ghostwriters are also the ones to help with book proposal ideas as well as synopsis writing and marketing plan creation along with all the different types of content associated with book publication.

Rewrite or Revision Ghostwriters

The job of these ghostwriters can often be editing content rather than writing content and they help with manuscript revisions and the improvement of existing content.

Collaborative Ghostwriters

Collaborative ghostwriting is when multiple ghostwriters work on a single project and collaborative ghostwriting can also be when ghostwriters help an author with their project.

They can also act as subordinate writing partners for other ghostwriters and just be there to provide input or they can also be there to provide content.

Anonymous Ghostwriters

Anonymous Ghostwriters

People often assume that all ghostwriting is anonymous and that is partially true because there is complete anonymity where the ghostwriter does not take any kind of credit or acknowledgement for the content.

There is also partial credit ghostwriting where the ghostwriters take partial credit for some of the work as there is a limit in the contract to the level of credit they can take.

Ghostwriter Categorisation by Audience

And finally, we have the categorisation by audience and you can categorize this as the type of audience the ghostwriter writes for.

This means that you can have children’s book ghostwriters as well as adult book ghostwriters as well as ghostwriters who write for young adults.

This categorisation can be for any demographic of the audience.

We hope this blog helps you understand all the different types of ghostwriters and ghostwriting in the world.

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