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Nonfiction ghostwriting is a unique category of ghostwriting that requires special skills and experience. Our team of proficient ghostwriters at Ghostwriting India have years' worth of experience in ghostwriting non-fiction books and providing ghostwriting services for the non-fiction category of books. We will help you in ghostwriting every kind of book there is in the non-fiction world which includes textbooks to books on engineering and technical detail. From books which are critical analyses of classical books to highly specialised books in marketing, we have done everything. We are proficient in providing you with the quickest deadlines and the most affordable rates in the ghostwriting industry. We have catered to dozens of non-fiction ghostwriting clients and have produced more than satisfactory results every time because we never compromise on quality. We have ghostwritten travel books to cooking books as well as children's books. The non-friction category is nuanced but with us, you will have no trouble publishing your very own non-fiction book.

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We are not just any ghostwriting agency but we are on a mission to revolutionize the ghostwriting industry in India and that is specifically why we provide only the best results because we are not just doing a business but we are representing an entire industry. We do not hire any novices to be a ghostwriter in our team and we only hire specialised ghostwriters with years of experience and most of our ghostwriters are authors themselves and know the seriousness of the job. We are a versatile company that can adjust to your timings and requests. We are not some company that has hired a few ghostwriters because we are ghostwriters ourselves and everybody here works passionately to improve the quality of ghostwriting in India.


  • - Flexible working works to suit your timings
  • - Affordable non-fiction ghostwriting packages
  • - Guaranteed deadlines with no exceptions
  • - SEO optimised content that is digital friendly
  • - Excellent support team to help solve any issues
  • - Legal contracts to help preserve your copyright to your book


  • - History books
  • - Training Manuals
  • - Biographies And Autobiographies
  • - Textbooks
  • - Memoirs
  • - How-to-guides
  • - Travel Writing Books
  • - Narrative Non-fiction Books
  • - Philosophy Books
  • - Religion And Spirituality Books
  • - Relationship Guides
  • - Self-Help Books
  • - Essay Collection Books
  • - Science Books


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This is the first and most important step of our working together. This is where we have a simple conversation and calls back and forth, in order to try to understand your vision with your non-fiction book. We try to understand as much as possible what kind of a book you want to write and also help you understand how we usually ghostwrite. You can call this a process of consultation however we try keeping it casual so that you are able to open up about your book to us.

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After we have been through the discovery stage, we get together and prepare a custom questionnaire that we think might suit you. This questionnaire contains every question there is as we try to learn everything about your idea of the book and we try to record every detail there is. This is one of the most important steps as well because this helps us get a broader few of the book.

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After the questionnaire has been answered and all our answers are there, we organise a team meet-up with you where we discuss every detail. We make sure to understand your vision of the book and we also ask you to bring in every bit of research material and every other material that you want to be included in the book. If you already have a blueprint as well as a plot line about the book then that is even better because then we are able to understand your vision even better.

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The meet-up is usually followed by us working together. This varies from person to person but what we usually do is we arrange and finalize our team of ghostwriters or a ghostwriter that will be working on your book and we make arrangements for them to stay in close contact with you and if possible, meet you weekly or even more frequently. We ensure that you are always given a heads up about the progress of the book and you are able to access the progress and make changes along the way which you find desirable.

We are Ghostwriting India and we will ensure that the book of your dreams is written and that all your vision and aspirations are expressed with the utmost accuracy in your book. You are the author and we are simply the tool that helps you in making your book a reality.

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