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If you search for some of the most influential services and jobs in 2023 that have impacts on every online industry then you can get things like web designing and web development. You can get things like software development etc.

You will also get to hear a word again and again on repeat. We are talking about ghostwriting as well as content writing. If you are not familiar with these terms then this blog is going to help you understand the basics of ghostwriting.

Ghostwriting is an important service and a necessity for nearly every industry that needs content. You will understand ghostwriting fundamentals in this detailed introduction to ghostwriting.

This will help you understand ghostwriting like never before so that you can utilise this service in your industry as well.

While we will not be talking about ghost writing techniques but you can get a good sense of ghostwriting techniques with the help of this blog on how to turn your simple idea into an unforgettable novel.

So, let us start our journey and explore ghostwriting like never before.

What Is Ghostwriting?


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Ghostwriting is simple to understand, it is when you hire someone to write for you under your name.

You might have a website or you might be popular on social media and you need good quality content to be posted regularly.

You might want to have educational content written for your online University or you might want to write an essay on your topic of specialisation like aerospace engineering but you are not a writer.

You might want to write your autobiography but you might be someone who is physically disabled and unable to write.

You might be someone who has an excellent idea about a novel but you simply do not have any writing experience and you want your ideas, story and plot to be put together professionally.

All these reasons are exactly why you might need a ghostwriter.

A ghostwriter is someone who will write for you in your name and they will not ask for any ownership rights. Ghostwriters or content writers provide quality content written in a professional way in exchange for monetary compensation.

You can have your content written by a single ghostwriter or you can give the contract to a ghostwriting agency with multiple ghostwriters.

No matter the industry and no matter the country or kind of work, if you are in need of content then you can be assured that a ghostwriter will write it for you.

A ghostwriter is a professional you commission work to. You can either hire a ghostwriter to write the entire manuscript or TV series script or anything else or you can hire ghostwriters to write a particular part of your content.

The art of ghostwriting is just like any skilled trade because it requires professionals who understand the key concepts of ghostwriting and complete the work within a deadline.

How Does Ghostwriting Work?

Ghostwriting Work

The ghostwriting process can be similar in most cases and it can be broken down into simple steps so that you understand the steps of writing as a ghostwriter and much more.

This is a very simple breakdown of the ghostwriting process into simple general steps and while your agency might have different steps, they will be generally the same.

Discovery Process

Discovery Process

This is the stage of the ghostwriting project where the client gets acquainted with the ghostwriter or the ghostwriting agency.

This can be through word of mouth or it can even be in the form of seeing ads of the ghostwriting agency online.

That discovery process will have a lot of meetings and it can be virtual meetings or physical meetings where the client and the ghostwriters meet.

They will discuss the goals of the client and the ghostwriting agency or the ghostwriter will try to understand the entire scope of the project.

Project Finalisation

Project Finalisation

This is the stage of the process where all the agreements at signed after the ghostwriter and the client have reached an agreement over the different specifics of the project.

Things like deadlines are finalized and the scope of the project is also finalized so that there is no misunderstanding later on.

A lot of non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) are signed and if the ghostwriting agency does not sign the NDAs, then you should not move ahead with the project as a client.

This is also the stage where the client provides all the specifics of the project to the ghostwriting agency so that they can have a clear vision of the project.

If the client has accumulated research material, then that is also handed over to the ghostwriting agency and all the dates are finalised.

The Writing Process

Writing Process

Now we come to the final writing process and if you want to know the secrets of successful ghostwriting then it is just hard work and discipline.

The writing process is that time when you need discipline and you need to work hard as a ghostwriter.

This is the stage where the ghostwriter writes and is in close coordination with the client. The client may provide accommodations to the ghostwriter or the ghostwriter might choose remote work.

The client can ask for regular reports or they can come by and ask for updates randomly as well.

Editing And Submission


When the manuscript is complete, it goes through many rounds of editing where the client might also be present.

When all the rounds of editing are complete and the final draft is eventually created then that is ready for the client.

If the client is not satisfied with the results, then they can ask to make changes anytime they want.

If the client is happy with the work, then the final draft is submitted to the client and the manuscript and everything else related to the project is handed over to the client.

It can consist of research material and any other kind of data material that is confidential. The final payments are done and the project is closed.

You might not have clear demarcated steps at your agency or you might have even more detailed steps but this is just a simple breakdown of how an average ghostwriting project goes on.

Why Does Someone Become a Ghostwriter?

Become a Ghostwriter


One of the most common questions that people ask ghostwriters is why would they let someone take credit away from them. Or rather why would they write for someone else and not even claim it?

The answer to this is quite simple.

Ghostwriting Is a Fulfilling Job

Ghostwriting is very fulfilling as a job because it guarantees good pay and apart from that it is also a stable career.

The more a ghostwriter earns in experience the better they can charge and nearly every kind of industry needs ghostwriters.

Ghostwriters understand the responsibility that they have and that is why it is okay for them to trade their content for remuneration and not ask for credit.

They Are Not Just Ghostwriters

If you think that ghostwriters only do ghostwriting then you are wrong because most ghostwriters are also established writers on the side as well as authors.

In fact, some popular authors do ghostwriting because it is so enjoyable as they love the challenge and it improves their writing skills.

That is why they are not losing a lot when they are writing for someone else because they can simply write for themselves as well.

Things To Remember as A Ghostwriter

Never Forget Ethics

You can never forget ethics if you want to become a successful ghostwriter because you need to carry ethics throughout your ghostwriting journey whether it is client confidentiality or something else.

You must also keep ethics in mind when you select projects because you can get a lot of projects that might not be ethical and that is why you must choose ethics in place of remuneration.

Ghostwriting Is Not a Place for Ego

As a ghostwriter, you will have to be very open-minded which means opening up your mind to all the ideas of your client.

You have to be just like a mirror and reflect whatever your client wants and that is why you should not have any ego; else it might be a problem for you.

In fact, you should eliminate your ego in every professional because the moment you start bringing your ego into your work is the moment you stop learning. Ghostwriting is all about learning every day.

Where Can You Hire a Ghostwriter?

Hire a Ghostwriter

There are two things you can do if you want to hire a proper ghostwriter, you can hire a freelancer from any freelancing website but then again you will not get the full experience of professional ghostwriting.

It is going to depend on your luck if you get a good freelancer ghostwriter but most of the time freelancers are going to be amateurs. Most importantly you are not going to get the full support of an agency.

You can take the other route and hire a ghostwriter from a professional ghostwriting agency. You are going to get professionalism and expertise from an agency that cares about its reputation.

We are Ghostwriting India and we are one of the pioneers of ghostwriting in India and the fastest-growing ghostwriter-for-hire agency in India. We have some of the finest ghostwriting talent as well as expertise and skillsets when it comes to writing anything and everything.

We do traditional offline content writing as well as online web content ghostwriting and much more and we welcome you to visit our website and check out everything we have to offer.

Common Ghostwriting FAQs

How do I start ghostwriting with no experience?

In order to find the answer to this, you need to ask yourself what is a ghostwriter.

A ghostwriter is quintessentially a professional writer. This means that if you want to become a ghostwriter you need to become a proper and professional writer. You need to gain experience as a writer.

That is why if you want to start a career in ghostwriting you need to already be well established or rather experienced as a writer.

In order to do that you need to start writing articles and blogs and the more diverse you are the better you will be equipped as a ghostwriter.

Once you are confident of your writing skills you can then join freelancing websites and work as a freelancer and gain experience as an amateur ghostwriter. You can then utilise that experience to join a ghostwriting agency.

What does a ghost writer need to know?

You need to know patience if you want to become a ghostwriter because as a ghostwriter you will come across topics that you might not know very well. You might have an idea about those unknown topics but not very well.

That’s why if you have the patience then you will also have the perseverance to do the research work as well. Ghostwriting is all about hard work and patience.

You must also need to know that you might be a great ghostwriter but you must still be humble because the moment you start bringing ego into the equation you will stop being a ghostwriter.

What are the skills of a ghost writer?

When we talk about ghostwriter skills we are not talking about specialisations and specialist skills because there might be ghostwriters that are good at engineering ghostwriting and other ghostwriter experts at physics ghostwriting.

The general skills of any ghostwriter should be that they have to be good at research. Without proper research skills, you will not be able to complete a single chapter of any ghostwriting project.

You must also have good people skills because as a ghostwriter you need to communicate effortlessly with your clients in order to understand their needs and their vision

But most importantly you need to be excellent at writing and expressing your thoughts into words because without writing you cannot be a ghostwriter.

Are ghost writers illegal?

Ghostwriting is completely legal and it is in fact so legal that most governments around the World use ghostwriters for official and government content.

Most leaders in the government utilize ghostwriters for different public notifications and other official content and nearly every law firm uses ghostwriters as well.

If the people in the government and the law utilise ghostwriters then you can understand the level of legal stability the ghostwriting industry enjoys.

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