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If you plan on becoming a big name in the ghostwriting industry and if you want to know how to scale a ghostwriting agency then we are here for you.

This is because we are the perfect people to help you understand ghostwriting agency growth and how you can replicate it for your business.

We will also talk about scaling strategies for ghostwriting so that you can understand how ghostwriting growth actually takes place.

This will result in increasing ghostwriting agency revenue but it will also come with challenges such as managing ghostwriting team growth.

We will talk about important elements of growth in the ghostwriting industry and different elements of that growth such as client acquisition for ghostwriting services.

We will help you understand how outsourcing in the ghostwriting business actually works but also help you understand how to do the marketing for ghostwriting agencies.

All in all, it is going to be a very interesting blog which will not only help you improve your ghostwriting agency efficiency but will actually help you grow it.

So, let us look at a few important things to keep in mind if you want to scale up your ghostwriting agency.

Things To Keep in Mind to Scale Up a Ghostwriting Agency

Sourcing Employees

Sourcing Employees

If you need to grow your ghostwriting agency then you are going to need permanent ghostwriters because it is not worth it if you want to do scaling of the freelance writer network and only do outsourcing.

You need permanent employees that are professionals and they might be freelancers at the moment but they are also a good choice.

That is why there are a few places where you can source employees.

You can search for them at educational institutions right after they graduate from a field of literature because they will usually be very good at writing.

You can also look for talent at freelancing websites because you can then test out their skills by giving them mini projects and if they do well then your work will be done and you will also have a new employee.

You can also try out looking for people who are already quite famous in the ghostwriting industry but it might be very expensive for you especially when you are planning on scaling up your setting agency.

Whatever you do you must keep your budget in mind and you must always make sure that you have enough projects in hand and that you also have enough capital in hand so that you can always pay their salaries for at least a year.

However, you must be very selective and you must only choose the best of the best because they will determine the quality of your services and you must also keep something else in mind.

You must find out if they are team players and if they are ready to work together because if that is not the case then it is not worth it no matter how good they are as ghostwriters.

Building Networks

Building Networks

You might have very good employees in your agency and you might have very good projects in your agency but that is a formula for success and not the success itself.

In order to be successful, you always need to have more projects than you can do. This is because your existing projects might run out and there is no security in running a business like that.

That is where we come to networking because networking can do wonders for your business.  Networking can solve complex issues in your ghostwriting agency.

If you are short in capital then networking will help you get investors or even partners who are willing to invest the time or money into building your business.

You might have the capital but you might need new clients and that is also where networking will come and because networking will help you meet prospective clients.

The thing with networking is that it should not be confined to other ghostwriting agencies or other people in the ghostwriting industry.

You can try out networking with your clients and even form simple commission models where you give them a cut of the profits for bringing in new clients.

Your job is to make sure that projects are coming in smoothly and that they are going out completed and your job is to maintain a good relationship with the people who bring in projects.

Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategy

Building networks is a lot of effort and it is also a lot of luck but if you are new to the industry then you cannot expect to have a fully-fledged network.

That is where you can utilise marketing because client acquisition is simplified with a good marketing strategy.

You need to create marketing campaigns and do lead generation which you can follow for client acquisition. In order to do it you need to focus on social media.

If you have a strong marketing strategy for social media then you are already on your way towards success because that is how you are going to get the greatest number of clients.

Speaking of clients, it has traditionally been the norm in the ghostwriting industry to have bigger clients such as corporations and celebrities as well as institutions. However, getting those clients is very difficult if you already do not have a foothold in the industry.

That is where social media will fill that vacuum of clients by bringing in a lot of regular people as clients. They might not give you mega projects but there are going to be so many of them that you will be satisfied with the turnover.

But you must also keep in mind not to overspend when it comes to marketing because marketing is a place where someone can easily overspend their actual budget.

When it comes to marketing you can also hire people to do the marketing for you.

This will be good for your agency as you already have the best quality content and you simply need someone to run those ads and look at the performance.

Diversification Of Services

Diversification Of Services

The thing with any service-oriented agency is that people are only going to come to you if you can provide them with all the solutions.

That is also the case when it comes to ghostwriting because the more services you have the better your chances of getting clients.

There are two thought processes behind it and one is to be an industry expert at a single particular kind of service but it is risky because you are not going to get the same kind of clients with the same requirements all the time.

But if you have a very versatile portfolio of services then you can at least pick up projects left and right and do them decently well.

If you want to be successful in this kind of technique then you can hire special ghostwriters who are capable of a particular type of ghostwriting.

If you do not want to hire new people and you have good faith in your team and if you have a few trustworthy people then you can even invest some money into that training.

You can send them off to do courses in ghostwriting for different types of ghostwriting and when they are back, they can start their own divisions within the agency to take care of certain types of ghostwriting.

But you must only do this with the most trusted employees because if you do this with a new employee then there is no guarantee that they are going to stay in the company after they have completed the training. Speaking of trusted employees, we are going to talk more about that in the next point.

A Circle of Trust


A company or an agency can only be as successful as its people because, at the beginning stages of growth, every agency needs a very important component.

That component is people. If you have a new agency and you are planning on growing it but all your employees are new and you have not established trust with them then it is going to be very difficult for you.

But if you have an agency and you want to grow it and you have at least a few people whom you can blindly trust then your growth process is going to be very easy.

You are the primary leader and you need a few leaders to support you all the time and you simply are not going to get those leaders out of the blue you need to make them.

In order to create your circle of trust, you need to evaluate your employees regularly and you need to find out their strengths and weaknesses.

You also need to deliberately give them challenges and opportunities to shine. But you must also be ready yourself to trust them a little.

This is how you are going to surround yourself with a few trusted people who will accompany you in the growth journey of your company because that is very important.

You can then invest in this circle of trust and you can provide them with training and you can give them new responsibilities and support them wherever possible because they will do the same for you when you need it the most.

Infrastructure And Systems

When you are trying to grow your agency, you need to understand that there should be space for that growth and that space will only come in the form of physical infrastructure as well as systems.

When we talk about physical infrastructure it is very important to physically work under a single roof rather than assigning work from home because that will never build team trust.

This might be one of the most difficult things for you to do because getting a place for your agency might be very difficult and expensive but it is in necessity.

You do not need a very big space that is very lavish and all you need is a single large room which you can customise according to your needs and separate into sections.

This will be instrumental in building team spirit. You must also make sure that every system is equipped to handle the growth of the agency.

You need to invest in attendance systems and you need to invest in payroll systems and even get yourself HR software.

When you are serious in this aspect, it will not only be very inspirational for your employees but it is actually going to support your business growth.

Your clients are going to come and visit your office and see that you are very serious about what you do and that will help in client acquisition because a physical area will generate trust.

And when they get automatic emails about different steps and processes it will have a positive impact on the clients.

Client impression is very important and it is instrumental for growth and that is why you should not only invest in your team and bring in good people but you should make sure that those good people have a place to work in

We hope this blog will help you scale up your ghostwriting agency. However, if you are a client and you are just curious about how a reputable ghostwriting agency works and if you need that kind of an agency then we are here for you.

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