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So, you are a financial analyst who is very good at your job. You think to yourself that it might be just the right time to launch your book. The quintessential finance book that is going to inspire people to get into finance.


But you also know that is virtually impossible. Since you are a financial analyst, you know how busy you are all the time. So, what is the option left for you that is practical and does not compromise quality?


The only perfect option that you have in your hand is to hire someone who understands finance just like you. A person to whom you can provide data and ideas to write the book for you. Someone whom you can guide according to your wishes and they will do exactly what you say to them.


You also need someone who understands that doing this operation means they are name isn’t going to be on the book. So, whom do you pick as this person?


It is a finance ghostwriter.


It is just like a regular ghostwriter but this person has experience in finance and knows how to write finance books. They have intricate knowledge of different financial terms. They probably have an MBA as well.


But this seems kind of vague. So, let us explain what is a finance ghostwriter.




A finance ghostwriter is like a regular ghostwriter but with exceptional knowledge of processing financial data. They understand everything that a financial analyst understands.


A finance ghostwriter might not work as a financial analyst but they are definitely a financial scholar. They understand investment analysis and they understand investment recommendations and much more.


When you hire regular ghostwriters as you are hiring someone who can write what you want them to write. It can be literature and it can be a screenplay and much more. When you hire a finance ghostwriter, you are hiring someone who is a finance expert.


They might not analyse finances and they might not work as a financial analyst but they understand different things related to it. They understand financial modelling and they also understand the importance of market research and much more.


They have a good understanding of economic indicators and understand financial impacts and financial risks. It will not be something very difficult for them.


This is the thing about writing something. You might have a great idea but you also need someone who has the understanding of that idea to help you write it.


For example, if you are a German person then you also need a German ghostwriter. Similarly, that is the same case with a finance ghostwriter.


While a literature ghostwriter specialising in academic writing can help you with critical analysis. A finance ghostwriter will be able to understand your presentations and the different graphs that you want them to include in your book.


But this brings us to the next point of this blog where we talk about an important choice.


Do you choose a freelance ghostwriter or a ghostwriting agency?


A ghostwriting agency is a far better choice than hiring a single ghostwriter. If you are a financial analyst then you already know why diversification in investments is better than investing in a single place.


Let us look at the reasons why hiring a ghostwriting agency is the best idea.




A freelancer ghostwriter is exactly what they are, a single person. They might be excellent at what they do but it is too much of a risk to rely your trust on a single person.


This person might get sick or this person might decide to not show the same level of enthusiasm as they had shown in the beginning. This is a freelance person and has no brand reputation to maintain.


They might even be at their wit’s end when it comes to certain terminology in finance.


So, what’s so different with a ghostwriting agency?


The thing with the ghostwriting agency is that you are getting a team. This team can be on rotation if one person gets tired or sick or less enthusiastic


You can have multiple inputs from multiple experts related to finance so that they can translate your ideas into words. You will have excellent project management and accountability.


A single finance ghostwriter can change cities and start with a new name. A ghostwriting agency on the other hand has a reputation to maintain. They have laws to abide by. They have to uphold legal contracts.


You can expect your manuscript to take shape at a much higher speed. This is because there will be multiple ghostwriters working on your project at the same time. You can never expect any pauses in the work.


There is good continuity in work and you can sleep well knowing that there are always a couple of experts working hard on your book.


There are countless other reasons for hiring a ghostwriting agency. One of the other good reasons is a very good collaboration chemistry between the client and the ghostwriting agency.


The ghostwriting agency will have dedicated infrastructure in place. This will make it very easy for the ghostwriters to communicate and collaborate with the client.


They will have special software and they will even have an allowance for the ghostwriting team to travel and work with the client.


And if it is a premium ghostwriting agency which has been pioneering ghostwriting in India like us at Ghostwriting India then we have much more features and functionality for better collaboration.


Now that you have selected a ghostwriting agency, it is time to draw up the different clauses. But you might have very little idea about ghostwriting clauses.


So, what are the clauses that you should check for in a ghostwriting contract?






This is one of the most important clauses that you must look for in the ghostwriting contract for your finance book. This clause is there so that everyone can maintain secrecy and confidentiality about the project.


This means that both parties (you as the client and the ghostwriting agency) should never speak about this project publicly. It means that they are not allowed to bring out any information about this project to anyone that’s not involved.


If the ghostwriting agency breaks this clause, then they are liable to court proceedings and even damages. These clauses include multiple non-disclosure agreements (NDAs).




This is the clause that is specifically related to the ownership of the manuscript. This clause states that the client shall have the sole rights of ownership.


According to this clause, neither the ghostwriters nor the ghostwriting agency has any rights to the material that is written. You have the exclusive rights to do whatever you want with your work.


This is a very important clause and you must always make sure that it is there.





This clause contains everything about the payment details with includes the payment structure.  This clause specifies the ghostwriting fee as well as things like the payment schedule and much more.


This is a clause that solidifies the agreement of payment between the client and the service provider which is the ghostwriting agency. This clause is important just as much as the other clauses.


You should always take a look at this so that there are no misunderstandings after the work has been completed.




You must also take a look at the termination clause. This clause will specify all the scenarios under which the contract can be cancelled or terminated legally.


It will specify violations that can be from the client side or the ghostwriting agency side. And this clause will also contain things like a notice period and much more.


The ghostwriting agency can only terminate the contract if it violates anything mentioned in the termination clause. There can also be the mention of different termination fees and much more.


These were the most important clauses to look out for. But the ghostwriting contract also contains other important details such as.




The scope of work will contain details about the word count as well as the level of work that is required. This will specify the number of ghostwriters that will be assigned to the project. It will also contain all the important things that are deemed specific to the project.




This is going to specify how many revisions and edits are possible in the current contract. This part of the contract will also specify if there are any additional charges for new revisions and edits.


There are other important specifications such as credit and attribution which specifies if the ghostwriter will be credited or not. However, this is something rare since the ghostwriter will not get credited in most cases.


We do not have this element in our ghostwriting contracts at Ghostwriting India. This is because we never ask to be credited. This is a service and we are professional service providers.


There are also other areas such as the areas of legal liabilities. These are there to protect the client or the ghostwriters and the ghostwriting agency against charges of copyright infringement damages and much more.





If you are a financial advisor then you do not need to look far for the best ghostwriting agency. We are Ghostwriting India and we are one of the pioneers of the ghostwriting industry in India.


We specialise in everything from literature to scriptwriting as well as financial ghostwriting. We have multiple financial experts at our agency. The job of these financial experts is the specialise in finance ghostwriting.


We have worked with multiple financial advisors in order to create some groundbreaking work in financial ghostwriting. Are also blessed with experience in financial ghostwriting for multiple countries and multiple target audiences.


That is why you do not have to risk your financial masterpiece on any freelance ghostwriter when you can trust one of the most premium ghostwriting institutions in India.


We work in close collaboration with our clients so that we can perfectly emulate the vision of our clients when it comes to financial ghostwriting.


We understand markets and we understand the nuances in finance ghostwriting. We understand the importance of pictorial and visual elements when it comes to financial ghostwriting.


We can also promise you the best and most affordable rates in the entire ghostwriting industry of India.  Our affordability does not come at the compromise of quality.




Here are the common mistakes people make when they choose a financial ghostwriter or ghostwriting agency.


· Not Enough Technical Knowledge of The Financial Services Industry


It is mission-critical to only get a finance ghostwriter for finance ghostwriting. Countless ghostwriting agencies are very good in their own right.


But that does not mean that they are good at finance ghostwriting which requires specialisation.  You should only choose a ghostwriting agency with a clear and good understanding of financial terminology.


The agency should be excellent at financial concepts as well as important industry trends. In fact, you should check their knowledge yourself before hiring them.


If you make the mistake of hiring an agency without specialisation in finance then you can stand the risk of getting misleading content. Misleading content is quite a severe fault when it comes to nonfiction books like finance books.


· No Proven Ability to Create Engaging Content


The thing about writing a book is that it needs to be engaging no matter if it is a finance book or any other kind of book. That is why you must always check to find out if the ghostwriting agency can write engaging content.


You can do that by asking them for samples of their writing skills. You can ask them for finance-related samples or you can even ask them for general writing samples.


But you must definitely ask them for it in order to find out if they have the writing skills to make the book engaging for the readers.


· No Experience with Compliance


You need to make sure that the ghostwriting agency has an understanding of compliance.  Compliance is when the agency adheres to different aspects of finance that are factually important.


You must find out if they have an understanding of compliance when it comes to investment advice. They must also understand that the content needs to meet legal requirements.


This is not the case with any other kind of content but with financial ghostwriting, the content needs to meet certain specifications as mentioned by the RBI.


· No Repeatable Content-Generation Process


Repeat content and repeat content generation is a terrible problem in the ghostwriting industry all over the world. The thing you must understand is that every client has their own set of requirements.


A ghostwriting agency cannot simply utilise the same techniques with two different clients. That stands the risk of creating duplicate content.


That is why the ghostwriting agency should be able to create a whole new set of working structures so that they can right fresh good content for you.


· No Chemistry


Collaboration is one of the most important aspects of ghostwriting. It may just be the case that you find a good ghostwriting agency but that is not enough.


You need to find out if they can understand you and if they can be good at communicating with you. They need to establish a good comfortable space for collaboration so that you can express your vision to them properly.


This is one of the basic necessities of a ghostwriting agency.




· Be Clear on Things That Matter


You must be clear on your part to express your priorities to the ghostwriting agency. You should not shy away from specifying what are your expectations from this project.


You need to specify all your requirements such as the target audience as well as the tone of the content as well as the style of the contact. You also need to be specific about the key messages that you want the book to deliver.


· Don’t Hold Back During the Interview


There is an interview process before you finalize the contract. You need to be very serious about this interview. You need to discuss everything that you want in this interview.


This is the chance for you to be clear on things that matter to you. You can ask for everything that you like because you are the one who is spending your valuable money on this project.


· Experiment With Something Small


If you do not want to risk a lot of capital in a project then you can start small. Even if you have a preference when it comes to a ghostwriting agency you should not give them the biggest project of your life in the first go.


Instead, you can give them just a chapter as a contract just to find out how good they are when it comes to financial ghostwriting. This will be cheaper and this will also give you the chance to evaluate them.


· Never Shy Away from Expectations


You must be able to specify your budget and you must also be able to specify all the additional services that you require before the project is finalised. The more specific you are about your expectations the less there are chances of misunderstandings.


You must set expectations and you must be ready to tell them to their face when they are not meeting those expectations.







We adhere to some of the strictest guidelines when it comes to hiring our ghostwriters. This is also the case when we hire our finance ghostwriters as well.


We make sure to test them thoroughly about their finance knowledge and we encourage people who are already in the finance world. That is why we have some of the finest finance ghostwriters in India.


They understand finance concepts like the palm of their hand. They have prior experience working with some of the finest finance institutions in India.


This allows us to only deliver the finest content to you.




We believe that book design should be just as good as the content that is inside the book. That is why we have some of the finest book format editors and cover designers and type-setting specialists at Ghostwriting India.


We never leave anything to chance and we make sure everything from the book formatting to the cover design and everything else in between is perfect.




Marketing strategy is just as important as the content. That is why we make sure to utilise marketing-responsive language that is good for book promotion.


We make sure to utilise different kinds of marketing strategy principles written into the content so that it can do its own marketing.


From optimised book descriptions to identifying all the possibilities of potential promotional opportunities, we make sure to never leave anything to chance.




We are here to revolutionize the ghostwriting industry in India. That is exactly why we value our brand reputation beyond anything else.


We understand that the only way to build a proper brand reputation is to be as transparent as possible with our clients. That includes understanding the value of client feedback. That includes always keeping the clients in the loop.


You are a part of the ghostwriting team when it comes to Ghostwriting India. We never leave out our clients when we have to take creative decisions because we believe our client is the team leader when it comes to the project.


We hope this blog has been helpful for you to understand what is a finance ghostwriter and we do hope you are now more informed than ever about choosing the best ghostwriting agency.


And if you are looking for the finest finance ghostwriters in India then we are here for you. We are Ghostwriting India and we are the best ghostwriting agency in India no matter the industry and no matter the type and genre of the content.


We do everything from technical writing to finance ghostwriting as well as traditional offline content and online web content ghostwriting. That is just that type of the iceberg because we do so much more at Ghostwriting India.


We welcome you to check out all our services and we would love to work for you on your next groundbreaking project.

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