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Artificial intelligence(AI) is slowly but surely gaining prominence in nearly every sector of every industry and that is also the same when it comes to the ghostwriting industry.

It won’t be wrong to say that there is a panic among writers with the assumption that AI will ultimately replace content writing but the question is, can AI replace writers?

This is a multifaceted question and we will be comparing AI and ghostwriting in order to find out if AI and ghostwriting can be a combined force for better content or will AI replace content writing.

Before we talk about automation in writing and writers vs. AI, let us understand what is artificial intelligence and more about what is AI-generated content.

What Is Exactly Artificial Intelligence (AI)?



In order to answer this question, we can go into details and talk about machine learning and its different models but the simple answer is actually easy to understand.

Artificial intelligence(AI) is trained intelligence and that trained intelligence is trained on existing human intelligence.

Machines always had a problem understanding humans in the way humans think and that is why artificial intelligence was created in order to basically simulate and think like humans.

The goal therefore is to create an intelligence that can take data inputs as humans and process that data as humans so that they can come up with solutions that are very similar to human solutions.

That is the most preferred outcome that artificial intelligence experts aim to reach.

If this is done correctly it might have a profound impact on all industries including content writing but there is something very important that we need to understand.

Artificial intelligence(AI) is simulated intelligence and the simulation is done based on human intelligence and that is why the writing efficiency with AI will only be as good as the training that it gets from humans.

Let us now understand artificial intelligence(AI) from the context of writers, creative writing and ghostwriting, so that we might draw parallels between creative writing and AI.

Artificial Intelligence from The Perspective of Writers

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence(AI) is always looked at as a threat by writers because it is widely perceived that the impact of AI on writers is never going to be good.

Writers feel that their jobs will be over as the future of writing with AI will be the new normal.

We have a different perspective on it.

This is because we are dealing with human creativity vs. AI creativity. Writers believe that if AI is trained on creativity then AI can easily emulate creativity.

But it is one thing to emulate something and it is a totally different game of understanding emotions as well as understanding the human experience.

In order to understand more on that, we need to understand the capabilities of artificial intelligence(AI) and then we can discuss the challenges of AI-generated writing and its shortcomings.

Here Are the Obvious Capabilities of AI for Content Writing

Volume Of Content Generation

Volume Of Content Generation

Nothing can beat artificial intelligence(AI) when it comes to creating content because a writer might take a whole day to write a few thousand words.

Any artificial intelligence can do that within a few seconds. Now it is up for debate as to the quality of that content but when it comes to pure numbers, AI is undefeated.

And it is easy to do so because you simply can go to Chat GPT and tell it to write something and it will give you good and readable content.

AI Content Is Affordable

We do not really need to explain this because you can get content written for free with AI and even if you pay a writer a piece of candy then that is also more than free.

But yes, whenever we are telling you about the capabilities of AI we are not taking quality into consideration.

AI content can be expensive if you utilise AI writing tools but those tools nearly cost the same as human writers.

AI Never Gets Writer’s Block

If you are a writer then you obviously know that sometimes you might be out of inspiration or sometimes you might be out of ideas.

You might need inspiration or even tools to help you get started. In our quest to find out if AI can replace ghostwriting, the obvious answer might be yes just because of this reason.

But we are going to dig deeper into why all the capabilities of AI are still not enough and why AI will never replace writers later on in the blog.

SEO Performance Is Good

Since artificial intelligence(AI) has the world’s intelligence at its fingertips you can expect SEO performance to also be good.

This is because the content is going to be keyword-rich and information dense which is good for search engine optimisation(SEO).

There is a problem with this though. We are going to talk about this later on as because of this problem, no matter how good and how well-written your content is, it will not get good search engine rankings.

There are so many other points such as how AI can generate good headings and titles and how AI is also good with research. However, there are some serious drawbacks to artificial intelligence(AI) when it comes to writing and content generation.

Let us look at those drawbacks so that you might understand things better.

Here Are the Serious Drawbacks of AI Compared to Human Written Content

AI Is Incompatible with Human Emotion

The biggest drawback of artificial intelligence(AI) is that it will never be human and it is practically impossible for AI to understand human emotion.

No matter how advanced AI gets, it will always be emulating human emotions and human feelings and thoughts.

The content that is written is for humans and AI might be able to put in a lot of data and keywords and so much more, but AI can’t be human. It can pretend to be a human but it will not be very convincing.

That means artificial intelligence(AI) will not be able to convince people of the content and it will not be able to make people feel things when they are reading the content. It will be content without any taste or emotion.

Search Engines Do Not Promote AI

Search engines have a bias for originally and authentically human-written content and that is why AI-written content does not stand a chance.

We have seen a rise in AI-written content at the start of the AI revolution but search engines and websites have slowly picked up on countering artificially written content.

And with the rise of AI checkers, we are seeing that AI content is not getting any relevance in search engine rankings.

Moreover, all the major search engines do not agree with the fact that AI is a good alternative to writers and human-written content.

Fact-Checking Is a Mess With AI

If we have to talk about fact-checking then AI does not stand a chance because we have seen some of the best artificial intelligence(AI) models getting facts wrong.

Sometimes artificial intelligence(AI) is not up to date with the latest facts which is in the case of Chat GPT and sometimes those facts are just wrong in the case of Google’s Bard.

That is why brands and companies do not want to rely on artificial intelligence(AI) to write quality content for them because they simply would have to hire another person to check that content.

Why make the effort twice when companies can just hire quality content writers to write content with accurate facts! That is exactly the case as to why companies do not trust artificial intelligence(AI) with mature professional content.

AI Doesn’t Understand Brand Optics

Most of the ghostwriting industry is based on content that is written for commercial purposes which means there is a brand essence and brand optics at the back of it.

People hire professional ghostwriters so that they can have a commercial advantage over their competitors. But artificial intelligence(AI) will simply not write anything that favours a brand.

This makes it an impossible task for brands to utilise artificial intelligence(AI) for anything brand-related.

It is impossible to explain an artificial intelligence model the same way that you would explain a human about any brand that you want to project online.

AI Is Tone Deaf to Human Values and Essence

Even if AI can produce quality content with accurate facts it can never replicate human emotions because it can’t feel human emotions.

When a content writer writes something, they are not just writing tone-deaf content but they are also in putting human traits such as kindness, surprise and also a human touch.

Artificial intelligence(AI) can try to replicate that but it will always be emulation because it will not be original.

Business Strategy Is a Nightmare With AI

When you hire a professional content writing or ghostwriting agency, you can tell them your business objectives and they will customize their content for it.

When you have humans working on something they will understand your business goals and they will make sure that the content goes according to your business goals.

They will understand the endgame of the content. But that is not possible with artificial intelligence because they don’t understand and they don’t think like that.

You will have to provide prompts at every step of the way and you will still be talking to a computer.

So, the fact of the matter is that artificial intelligence(AI) cannot and will never replace human written content and human writers. There is a different perspective of human writers working with artificial intelligence(AI.

This is a hybrid approach and there is a lot of promise because the human writers can reap all the benefits of artificial intelligence(AI) and the content will generally improve. Let us look at how it is possible.

Content Writers Working with AI as A Hybrid Approach

AI as A Hybrid Approach

AI can be very useful if the use case is proper as there are still shortcomings with human writers and one of them is writer’s block. Writers might find it difficult to start writing because they might be out of ideas or inspiration.

These are the moments when writers look for inspiration and examples and that is where artificial intelligence can come in handy because AI can simply present an outline. The content will be written completely by the human writer but the human writers might simply look at a framework for guidance.

This will definitely speed things up and it will be very beneficial for the industry. The writer must make sure that they do not rely completely on AI and that they write the whole thing by themselves.

Here Is What You Should Not Do With AI

Not Do With AI

It might be very tempting to use AI to generate content and maybe use AI once again to rephrase that content so AI checkers can’t detect it as AI. That might have been effective a few months ago but with AI checkers being very accurate at what they do, it is impossible to generate original content with AI and not get flagged.

You might also want to utilise AI data for AI content optimisation but whenever you utilise AI for any kind of content optimisation or creation, you stand the risk of search engines simply ignoring your content.

AI can seem very lucrative but once you start using AI and search engines detect it, your website will never be able to come back and maintain a respectable rank.

Take A Look at Some FAQs About AI and Ghostwriting

Can I use AI as a ghostwriter?

Of course, you can use AI and it is very easy to use but we would suggest you not to.

We would suggest you stay away from AI when it comes to content writing and ghostwriting especially when it is online content.

No one is going to accept AI-generated content whether it is a blog posting website or it is your client. There are very effective AI checkers out there that are going to detect if your content is AI-generated.

That is why you should steer clear of AI when it comes to the ghostwriting industry.

What is the alternative to a ghostwriter?

The only alternative to a ghostwriter writing a piece of specialised content is for the client themselves to write the content.

For example, if you do not want to hire a ghostwriter for writing your autobiography or research books then the best alternative would be to do it yourself.

But other than that you should not consider any other alternative such as AI or amateur freelancers.

The reason why people hire ghostwriters to write their content is simply because they do not have the time to write the content themselves.

You can have clients that are leading experts in their own industry and field but that does not mean they are also excellent writers and that is why they hire ghostwriters.

Is ghostwriting a career?

Ghostwriting is a full-fledged industry and career that supports hundreds and thousands of jobs all over the world.

It is even lucrative as there are celebrity ghostwriters who can earn up to $300k for a single project. Nearly 50% of all the content written in the world is written by ghostwriters.

We hope these statistics help to understand that this is definitely a career that is worth pursuing.

Is it easy to ghostwrite?

The question of whether it is easy or hard is relative because it might seem easy to some but hard to others.

But from our experience of decades, we can simply tell you that all you need is practice.  Experience will help you gain maturity in your content.

You need to be humble about accepting the reality of your content and you need to actively make the effort of improving it.

We hope this blog has been helpful for you to understand why AI can never replace writers and if you are looking for the most genuinely written content without any AI involvement then we are here for you.

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