This Is How You Become a Multigenre Writing Expert

This Is How You Become a Multigenre Writing Expert

Posted By : January 09, 2024

Today we are going to talk about a special kind of writer and these special kinds of writers are very rare and very unique.

Before we talk about the type of writer, we would like to tell you that most writers spend their entire lives sticking to a single genre and perfecting it.

Most writers find it convenient to write in a particular genre. While we are not disregarding those writers but we are talking about something that is even more difficult to master.

That is why today we will be talking about the art of becoming a multigenre writing master. We will talk about a few important things to keep in mind on how to become a multigenre writer.

This is because writing in multiple genres can actually be very difficult because you will have to try out diversifying your writing style. You will need to do a lot of reading if you want to be writing cross-genres.

This will help you become a versatile writer and help you in exploring different writing styles. However, if this is something you do not want to do then you can stick to your own style of writing.

But if you want to experiment with something new then creative genre exploration can be definitely a very exciting new challenge for you where you will have to continuously try out adapting to various writing forms.

You will need to learn new techniques for multigenre writing. So, let us look at the tips for becoming a multigenre writer and help you understand how to master multigenre storytelling.

Important Tips to Master Multigenre Writing

Read Various Books

This is going to be one of the simplest tips for you and it will simply be as follows. You need to read as many books as you can from as many different genres as you can.

It does not need to be from the selected genres that you want to write in because the more you do diverse reading the more you will be able to understand how different literary forms work.

You can follow a pattern but we would suggest you not to follow a pattern and to just read randomly whether it is fiction or nonfiction or whether it is poetry or even drama.

The more you diversify your reading the better you will open up your mind to new writing styles. When you are planning on doing multigenre writing, it is important to keep an open mind.

The moment you confine yourself to a single genre or a few genres, you will fall into the pattern of a single-genre writer.

If you feel this is too much work then you can choose a few genres and only work on those. You can then collect some of the finest works in those particular genres.

And then you can read them and critically analyse them to find out the differences between different genres.

If we have to tell you which is the best approach then we would never encourage you to this approach because this is quite limiting and will not help you obtain that level of confidence.

But when you are just starting out as a multigenre writer simply planning on becoming one then this can be a first step towards a more open genre exploration.

Diversify Your Connections

If an engineer has to look at data to create his engineering drawings, then the writer has to look at their surroundings to create the inspiration for writing the book.

That is why your connections play a very important role and these connections can be your friends and you can be your publisher or even your colleagues who are also writers.

Sometimes authors associate only with people who are similar to them for example you might be a writer who professionally writes in a single genre.

There is a high likelihood that you are also going to associate with people who only read that genre or are associated in some form or another with that genre.

That right there is a problem because the first and foremost thing about multigenre writing is to open your horizons to new experiences and to new unexperienced situations.

That is simply not the case if you maintain a company that is similar to you. That is why if you want to become a proper multigenre writer you need to diversify your connections.

You need to join groups for other genres, you need to talk to people who are not remotely related to what you are comfortable writing.

If you can break this barrier then it will be easier for you.

Try Experimenting

If you want to be a multigenre writer, you can try out reading a lot of genres and you can try out meeting with different kinds of writers who write in different genres.

You can do all the background research in the world and you can even enroll yourself in a writing training class.

But you will only succeed if you actually try experimenting yourself. You need to take the leap of faith and write in different genres.

You might be a bestseller in a single genre and that might restrict you to write something new in a style that you have never tried before.

This might give you anxiety and make you think of your reputation but if you truly want to become a multigenre writer then your nervousness should be superseded by your willingness.

That is why the only way to become a master multigenre writer is to write it. You might write terribly for the first time.

You might not be able to publish it even after ten iterations. But if you keep on experimenting and if you keep that willingness alive in you then it cannot stop you from becoming a multigenre writer.

Find Your Writer’s Voice

If you want to be a multigenre writer that does not necessarily mean you will have to lose your writer’s voice.

All you are doing is playing with new themes and new kinds of writing but you must not inherently change yourself.

That is where we come to the concept of the writer’s voice. It is a very crucial part of a writer’s identity and it involves their unique voice.

It is the writer’s unique touch and a writer should never forget that. This is because when you are trying to be multigenre writer, all you are doing is writing on a new topic.

But you must have a few signature markers that will help your audience identify you from the rest of the crowd.

It will be difficult for you in the beginning and you might not find your unique Identity or identifier but you must keep on working on it.

That is why the previous point about experimentation is very important because you must keep on experimenting throughout the entire process.

Be As Patient as Possible

If you have embarked on this quest of becoming a multigenre writer then we wish you all the very best because this is one of the hardest things to do.

If you are walking this path then you are definitely passionate about it but the thing with multigenre writing is that it can be very frustrating.

This is because one fine day you might be an expert at a single genre and you might even be a bestseller.  The very next day you might feel like the first day at a job and you might feel like a total amateur.

You might have a very hard time understanding the new ins and outs of all the different genres that you have chosen.

And while it is definitely a difficult situation but there is something to console you. Every multigenre writer goes through the same ordeal.

They start as an established author and a professional writer in a particular genre but when they try to experiment with something else, everything tends to fall apart.

That is why you need to be patient and put lay brick at a time. If you manage to master this skill of being a multigenre writer then you are truly going to be someone unique.

Always Value Feedback

We know how hard it might be to be the very best at something one fine day and to start as a total amateur the next day.

That is exactly what might happen to you if you try multigenre writing after being an expert in a particular genre.

The only way to get over this is to continuously keep breaking your shell. You must be able to understand your situation that you are new to this and you can make mistakes.

And then you must ask people to review your work to give you an honest answer about your level of work. You might not like what they have to say if they are truly honest.

But if you gather feedback right from the moment you start experimenting with multigenre writing, then the journey to becoming a multigenre writer will be much smoother.

You can ask your friends to read your work or you can even ask professionals to review the work and honestly, professionals should review the work.

If you do that then it will be the litmus test for your new adventure and you can then improve on the existing even more.

We hope this blog will help you improve yourself as a multigenre writer. However, this is a very difficult journey but a very exciting journey as well.

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