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Today we are going to talk about something that will be fairly important for you if you are into content.  This blog is going to be important for you if you write content or if you manage or plan content.

This is because we are going to talk about content intelligence. We will help you understand what is content intelligence and it will not just be the content intelligence definition.

We will talk about what is the difference between regular content and how content intelligence works so that you might be able to get better results for your content.

We will also talk about content intelligence in marketing and how it can transform your results when it comes to the performance of your content. This might be familiar to you or this might be something completely new.

Before we do that, let us understand the state of content without content intelligence.

Here Is the State of Content Without Content Intelligence

The simplest way to help you understand the importance of content intelligence is to talk about how content marketing is different when there is no content intelligence.

To help you understand this we are going to use the simplest example. Perhaps you need to get groceries for your home and you have certain needs and you need to bring all the items according to those needs.

Now imagine going to the grocery store without a list of items. You might get the correct items or you might get extra items that are not really necessary. Now imagine not going to the grocery store that sells those items for the cheapest.

That is exactly the case if you want to plan content without content intelligence. Without content intelligence, you will never have a targeted approach to content planning. You might get it right or you might mess it up.

So, let us now understand what is content intelligence.

What Is Content Intelligence Exactly?

In order to have a complete content intelligence guide, we need to help you understand what is content intelligence.

Content intelligence is when you plan your content intelligently instead of using intuition and random guesswork for content planning.

Content intelligence is when you utilise content intelligence tools and artificial intelligence to determine what kind of content will work best for your brand.

The thing about AI-powered content intelligence is that you do not need guesswork or even your own calculations. The best thing about AI is that it will analyse the current performance of your content and give accurate predictions on what will work even better.

But content intelligence is much more than that. It is when you utilise AI and machine learning to get an accurate analysis of the effectiveness of your content and even an accurate analysis of your competitors’ content.

Content intelligence tools will provide you with the best predictions on how you can optimise that content and it is an excellent help for content marketing experts.

So, Why Is Content Intelligence So Important?

The reason why content intelligence is so important is because it provides data-driven content analytics that will help you get a better understanding of your target audience.

You no longer have to experiment with every kind of content and analyse that data yourself because AI will do that for you.

AI will help you find content performance analysis so that you can understand which kind of content is the best for your brand and which kind of content you should avoid.

The best thing about this is that the content analysis tools will take into consideration every data point with you something impossible to do for content marketers.

This will help in better content creation because the content intelligence tools are going to look at the historical performance of not just your brand but your competitors.

So, when you utilise content intelligence you are not just getting AI predictions but those predictions are backed by data and logical analysis of that data.

This is something that the average brand could not even imagine and only the biggest names in any industry can ever imagine doing that with the help of researchers and mathematicians.

Now with content intelligence software and tools the average owner of any brand can think of transforming their content strategy into something that is actually effective.

Here Are the Benefits of Content Intelligence Software

Thorough Analysis of Content

Content intelligence software and tools are able to individually analyse content and find out every bit of detail about them such as the style of the content and even the tone of the content.

Then it sees whether that content is actually effective or not because if that content is not effective then the tools can give important suggestions for the changes.

This simply means that content analysis is on a whole other level with content intelligence tools because with these tools no content will ever get missed out and you can get analysis reports for every content.

Without these tools, it might have been possible but it would have been very time-consuming to analyse every piece of content.

Data, Metrics and Reports

The reason why content intelligence software is important is because it does not provide you with suggestions without telling you the cause.

With these tools, you are going to get real-time data and you will get the best kind of reports about the performance of your content.

You will get content comparisons right from the moment the content was created to the present moment so that you can understand which kind of content is performing well.

You are also going to get data markers on different real-life events and things that are trending and how they are impacting your content.

Basically, you will get a pattern behind the madness when it comes to content creation and that will be in the form of reports and data.

AI-enabled Automation

If we talk about content intelligence benefits then we have to mention the fact that automation is changing the game.

Content intelligence is however you want it to be. If you want content intelligence to be as manual as possible then you can do it and just get reports.

If you want a simple and hands-free experience then you can try out the automation features.

If you do not want any complex involvement then you can simply try out the automation features in the content management software.

You don’t even have to program the data and every optimisation suggestion will be given out to you regularly.

All you need to do is to be there to look at the analysis and then understand what changes you need to make.

While content creation cannot be completely automatic but there are automatic components and factors to it.

Management of Content

If we are talking about the benefits of content intelligence then we cannot deny the importance and benefit of content management as well.

Content intelligence tools have the power and the intelligence to integrate with CMS. Along with that you can include Google Analytics and integrate any kind of analytical system into the mix.

This means you are going to get a deep hold on content management along with the data and performance of the content.

This will allow you to make changes in the same place where you are getting the suggestions to make the changes.

This is going to be revolutionary as it is something unheard of before the AI revolution.


So, What Are the Key Technologies Involved in Content Intelligence?

Natural Language Understanding (NLU)

Natural Language Understanding is exactly what it sounds like and it is AI machine reading and comprehension.

This just means that AI will try to understand the context of the content in the case of content intelligence and then form different groups and subgroups of that kind of content.

This will help individual content get into groups and clusters so that their patterns and their performance can be studied even better.

Machine Learning

Machine learning is a big part of content intelligence because machine learning actually helps the tools understand content.

Machine learning helps the tools find important patterns in the content so that the content can be studied according to the context of the whole market and market trends.

This helps in better classification of content and it also makes it possible for AI to predict which kind of content will be the most successful in any time frame.

Natural Language Generation (NLG)

NLG is the next step of content intelligence because in this stage the content intelligence tools will actually try to emulate the most successful type of content.

They will utilise Natural Language Understanding along with machine learning to produce Natural Language Generation.

This totally makes the process automated because now you do not have to manually create content after getting suggestions and you can leave everything to the content intelligence tool.

This is something revolutionary and it means even small businesses and small brands can utilise the power of AI to get the best kind of content intelligence.

Here Is Why You Should Consider Content Intelligence

Ideal Client Targeting from The Start

One of the ways in which brands lose a lot of money is that they try to find out their ideal clients and they invest a lot of money in targeting that client.

This search and finding is important because if you can create a target audience base then that base will help you get financial stability in your business.

But businesses lose a lot of money in trying to advertise to a whole bunch of people without understanding if that is effective or not.

With content intelligence, you do not have to do that anymore because when you start promoting your business with ads you can just target the right people from the start.

This is because you will have a lot of insight into the market and into the likes and dislikes of your products and the client demographic that is actually interested in your product.

An offline store is quite different from something online because when it comes to online it is very difficult to understand your audience base because you are not interacting directly with your client.

That is why content intelligence can fill that gap and can actually give you information about your clients and this will make sure you do not take business decisions and advertisement decisions as well as content decisions on the basis of guesswork.

You can do that on the basis of guesswork but you will have to be very good at it and you will also need a lot of capital if you want to be successful.

Content Intelligence Is Perfect for Small Businesses

Small businesses and brands do not have a lot of capital to invest. And the little they can invest they would like a substantial return on it just for business survival.

Now if you do not have something like content intelligence then it will only mean that small businesses and brands will create content without any metrics and data.

Creating content requires capital which simply means small brands are going to waste a lot of capital in creating general content which will not go anywhere.

But with content intelligence, small brands will have the same level of effectiveness as bigger brands and can utilise their investments perfectly.

That means they no longer have to target aimlessly and they can only target relevant clients and have a return on investments.

They will understand the difference between page visits and actual potential clients so that they can make important business decisions without wasting money.

This will also mean that small brands can now make important changes to improve their situation.

A Mentor to The Marketing Team

Without a proper strategy and any successful results the marketing team can sometimes get demotivated and it is quite normal.

That is why when the marketing team has access to the finest marketing advice and content strategy ever then they can work even better.

Now the best thing to do would be to hire a marketing expert and industry leader but that is impossible for small and medium size brands.

That is why if you implement content intelligence software then the marketing team can utilise that software however they like and they would get better results every time.

This means they will have better confidence and the marketing and content strategy will be efficient every time.

And since there is confidence in the content strategy the entire brand will see its effects and it can be seen in every department of your brand.

This will help you experiment with new products and try out new things to launch in the market without any fear that it will tank sales.

The Finest Personalisation

One shoe is never going to fit everyone and that is also the case when it comes to creating a content strategy.

Every brand has different needs and every market is different. That is why if you do not have a custom approach to creating content then your brand will never stand out from the competition.

With the help of content intelligence, you can do just that because you can experiment as much as you want with custom solutions.

You can try out limited runs of new kinds of content and compare the results to find out which kind of content is the most effective when it comes to your market and your industry.

For example, if you manufacture kids’ toys then you can try out content targeted towards kids because, let’s face it, kids have access to smartphones. Or you can try out limited runs of content for the parents and teachers of the kids.

You can then compare the results to find out which content works best for your brand and which content is seeing the most meaningful engagement.

This is because if we go by that example, you might have more engagement with kids but that will not necessarily equate to sales because kids do not have access to credit cards.

But if you compare the results and see that the content targeting parents is more effective then you can create a concrete strategy on top of those results.

Here Are the Best Content Intelligence Tools and Software


This is our first and obvious choice when it comes to content intelligence because with BuzzSumo you are going to have a lot of insights.

This platform is simple to use because they have particular categories for gaining insights on content as well as influencers and even monitoring.

When it comes to content, they have a clear distinction between web as well as other platforms where you can type in keywords and find out their performance.

You can study your competitors and find out what is loved by the audience at a current point in time. You can also analyse different social media platforms because you cannot ignore social media when it comes to content.


Curata is second on our list because it is one of the most trusted names when it comes to content intelligence and big brands trust it with their content strategies.

They have good business-grade software along with a very helpful self-learning engine that will help you find the most relevant content for your brand.


The third name on our list is also quite popular when it comes to contact intelligence because Contently is excellent with prediction.

It can provide you with story ideas as well as pitches that will help you significantly when it comes to creating a content strategy.

This is great for someone who simply does not have the time to create their own strategy and try out things because this will let you do that and modulate things like SEO as well as tone.


We can’t complete the list without SpyFu. It is one of the giants when it comes to content intelligence tools because of several reasons.

One of the most important reasons is that with this tool you will be able to observe and study your competitors in the best way possible.

You will get the best keyword analysis and find out what kind of keywords the competition is using and what kind of money those keywords are going for.

You can then utilise that information to create your own ads for your content and utilise that information to modify your content or create new content for better results.


And last but not the least we have Crayon. They provide a good focus on competitors which means they will provide a lot of data and insights about what kind of strategies your competitors are using.

They will help you take a look at your competitors’ social media content performance along with websites in order to provide you with a complete analysis of what is working in the market.

If something is really successful in the market then that only means you should utilise it as well and include it as a part of your content plan.

Here Is How You Choose the Best Content Intelligence Tool

Find Out Your Exact Needs

It will be very difficult for you to choose the perfect content intelligence tool if you do not understand your needs.

For example, you might need and feel the importance of competitor analysis and there are tools for it.

You might feel that your own content analysis is even more important than competitor analysis, there are other tools for it.

All you need to do is find out your priorities.

Feature List

One of the ways in which you can choose the best content intelligence is to find out how many features those tools have.

While it might not cost a lot but getting subscriptions for these tools still costs money and you might want to get the best value for your money.

That is why you should check out the features and see whether it makes sense to spend money on them.

Is Content Intelligence Good for Writers?

When we talk about content intelligence from the perspective of ghostwriters and even from a business perspective, it makes sense.

This is because if you can guide the ghostwriter to the direction you want them to write then they can provide you with even more accurate and high-quality content.

When we talk about content, we mean every kind of content and specifically written content and that is why if you utilise these tools then you should also give access to your ghostwriters for more optimised content.

While AI will never replace ghostwriters directly but you can utilise AI in content optimization and that is how you can integrate these two important aspects of content creation

We hope this blog has been helpful for you to understand everything you need to know about content intelligence.

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Common Content Intelligence FAQs

How does content intelligence work?

Content intelligence is simple to understand. It is content creation and analysis using machine learning and AI.

Generally, when brands put out content, they try guesswork and experiment with new kinds of content without actually having proper information on whether it will work or not.

With content intelligence, you get tools and software that will actually analyse the entire market of a certain product for a certain brand and make sure whether a piece of content is going to be effective or not.

This is just the tip of the iceberg because content intelligence is much more and it is about comparison and analysis as well as prediction for better content effectiveness.

How to use AI for content?

If you want to use AI for content, you need to do some research on the concept of content intelligence.  Content intelligence is exactly what you are looking for and it is using AI for content planning.

Content intelligence is when you utilize machine learning and AI to do market research and understand your own content effectiveness as well as your competitors’ content effectiveness.

In order to understand more about this, we would suggest you read this blog.

What is the role of AI in content management?

AI has a very bright future when it comes to content management because of the entire concept of content intelligence.

Content intelligence is something completely new and it is when brands utilize AI and machine learning to understand the market and do proper market research.

Brands can utilize content intelligence which is basically AI to understand and study the performance of their content and to find out suggestions and make optimisations to their content.

This is quite a fascinating topic and we would suggest you read this blog to understand more about content intelligence.

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