100 Creative AI Writing Prompts for Every Writer – 100 Unique Story Ideas

100 Creative AI Writing Prompts for Every Writer – 100 Unique Story Ideas

Posted By : May 29, 2024

Every creative writer needs a little bit of help from time to time and it might not be you today but you might need some help tomorrow.

You might be stuck at a position in your script or you simply might not come up with any good writing ideas for your new short story.

You might just need that little bit of push when you are planning on writing fiction.

That is exactly what we are going to do today because we are going to help you with creative writing prompts that you can directly use in AI assistants like Chat GPT.

These story prompts will not only give you an idea about your story but it will give you a whole story.

That is why we bring you 100 story writing prompts as well as 100 unique ideas. You can utilise both the idea as well as the prompt for your next literary masterpiece by just pasting them into your favourite AI assistant.

However, we would like to tell you that this is just an example and the thing with writing prompts for writers is that the more detailed and specific prompts you write, the more detailed result you get.

So, let us start this fantastic journey of getting you the best fiction writing prompts to get started as we bring you 100 story titles along with 100 unique prompts for them to use in any AI assistant.

100 Create Writing AI Prompts

The Childhood Mistake

Write me a story about the childhood of a fictional president of The United States of America and give it many plot twists that help him ultimately become the president.

Horror At the Gates

Write me a story about a boy moving into a new neighbourhood and finding an empty piece of land with a pair of rusty gates and no house. Make it a ghost story that is compatible with child readers.

The Seas Too Calm

Create a story about 16th-century pirates changing their usual route in search of better ships and better loot but they seem to have encountered a problem that the sea is just too calm. This might make them a sitting duck for navy corsairs.

A Miner’s Paradise

Write me a detailed story about a poor miner in the mountainous regions of Spain as he toils every day. Create a twist where one fine day he finds a golden shovel and make it a happy ending as he gets to keep it.

The Best Essay Ever

Create a story about a boy who was very shy about public speaking and simply did not have the courage to face his friends in class. His helpful teacher decides to ask him to write an essay instead of saying it and he creates the most brilliant piece of essay ever.

A Divine Mango

Write a story about a mango that went ignored by the mango farmers because it was too small in size but since it was hanging low, it was just in reach of a child. Create a twist that this mango is actually a gift from God and how it changes the child’s life.

Thank You Past!

Write a story where a man used to curse his past without knowing that his past was actually his best friend who saved him every time.

Half-Plate Noodles

Create a sad story about two Chinese soldiers who used to share a plate of noodles equally with each other. One of them tragically passed away during a war and the other survived to become the king. This king only used to eat half-plate noodles.

A Lost Detective

Create me a funny story about a detective who had a giant ego about being the best until one fine day he got lost himself and then got found by a constable.

The Honest Thief

Write me a story about a thief who became a thief because of poverty but decided not to steal something from a rich person when he realized it had sentimental value for the rich guy. This changed his life.

Come Quietly

Write me a funny story about a few Vikings trying to get to England with a leaky ship as they had to come quickly from the oars to attend to the leaks and then go back to rowing. Make it child-friendly.

2 Dragon Eggs

Create a story about a busy ancient Chinese market where one fine day a mysterious poultry farmer brings two dragon eggs. Nobody buys them but a duck adopts these eggs and cares for them until they hatch.

The Sandy Garden

Write me a story about a garden that suddenly became sandy as all the mud beneath the grass disappeared for sand. Make it fantasy and interesting.

My People

Create a fantasy story about a land where the king has no children and the people are looking for their next King as their present king gets older. This strange boy comes into the scene and is actually related to the king.

The Other World Beneath

Create a story where a man suddenly decides to dig under his house and when asked about it he simply has no answer.  Make it a funny story where the man gets rich at the end.

A Very Old Coin

Create an adventure story like an Indiana Jones story where the governments of five countries decide to pursue the legend of a coin that proves all these countries are one. They decide to hire the best archaeologist to find that coin.

The First Train

Create a charming story about a mountainous town that did not have any roads as they were very remote and one fine day they learn that the government was actually creating a tunnel with a rail network for them.

Many Lamps

Write me a ghost story where ghosts can only see you when you light one lamp but they cannot see you when you light more than one.

The Last Revolt

Write a historical fiction story about the last revolt of the Native Americans against a British regiment.

Nokia In Egypt

Write a funny story about historical fiction where a boatman in ancient Egypt discovered a Nokia 3310.

A Quick Escape

Write me an elaborate story of a quick escape where the prisoner is actually the prince of a country and was captured by his enemies and create a story of his escape as well as details of the escape.

The Honest Bank

Create an interesting story about a bank that is actually honest with its customers about interest rates and how the bank still manages to survive in this difficult banking industry in spite of being honest.

We Shall Meet Again

Create a charming love story about a soldier who falls in love with a girl he has met during the war and create a journey of adventure as he decides to search for that girl after the war.

The Boy Healer

Create a fantasy story about a 12-year-old boy who suddenly discovers that he is invincible but then realises that he just got the ability to heal everything including his own wounds and how he decides to help his village.

Don’t Touch This

Create a mysterious story about two archaeologists stumbling upon a box with “Don’t Touch This” written on it. One of them decides to touch it and it leads to many problems.

A Weather’s Poem

Create a fantasy story where the weather is actually personified and decides to become a poet and only write sad stories and the result of this is experienced by the people experiencing sad and bad weather.

The Genie’s Room

Write a beautiful story about how the genie’s room looks from inside which is actually inside the magic lamp.

The Moving Statue

Write an inspiring story about a person who dresses up like a statue near the metro every day.

I Shall Return

Create a heroic story about a knight who gets injured in battle and is taken care of by his enemies who ultimately become his friends as he bids them farewell and promises them that he will return.

I See Ghosts

Create a funny story about a person who has the ability to see ghosts and interact with them.

Hope Is a Friend

Create a historical fiction story about an Auschwitz prisoner who decides not to lose hope and successfully survives the camp.

The Key to Be King

Create an interesting story about a key that opens every lock and a 9-year-old boy gets his hands on that key and that will ultimately make him king one day.

The Magical Diary

Create a magical children’s story about a diary that creates everything that’s drawn inside it.

The Fame Has Shadows

Write a complex political story about why being famous is not always good and why the shadows are your enemies.

The Coin Toss

Write a story of friendship about two friends tossing a coin to decide everything about themselves.

A Happy Ending

Create a funny story about a writer who is sad and trying to find a happy ending to his story with a plot twist at the end.

A WW2 Tale

Create a historical fiction story about Black pilots in World War 2 of how they had to fight 2 wars, 1 with Germany and the other with racism.

The Watch

Create a story about a watch that actually helps you travel through time and is a time-travelling machine.

Batman Is Us

Create an alternate storyline of Batman of how he did not get to become Batman but actually a villain because his childhood was different from the actual Batman and how we all are like that.

The Tree to Heaven

Create a children’s fantasy story about a child planting a seed and watching a tree grow as high as the heavens.

Mirror Mirror On the Wall

Create a story about a mirror that tells you what others think of you and how a lady encountered that mirror.

Doctor’s School

Create a sci-fi story about an alien world where every occupation has its own school and talk about the doctor’s school that only produces doctors.

River Of Gold

Create a historical fiction story about a tribe that goes on an adventure to find water and suddenly discovers a river during sunset and thinks of it as a river of gold. Plot twist, it is actually gold.

The Speaking Goat

Create a funny story about a YouTuber who creates videos and talks about different topics that are important to society.  However, there is a leak and people actually find out that it is his pet goat that speaks.

Digging To China

Create a funny story about three friends discovering that the world is round and that if they actually start digging then they will ultimately pop out in China.

The Bravest Warrior

Create a story about a single mother and her daily struggles for her children and give it the title “The Bravest Warrior. “

Clock Traveller

Create a story about an antique dealer who is passionate about old clocks and that makes him travel around the world to collect clocks. Talk about his journey through different continents.

The Lost City

Create a story of science fiction where there is actually a city beneath the regular New York City and how its inhabitants come up during the day to work in New York City.

Learning To Fly

Create a children’s story about a baby bird learning to fly from a bee and make it very charming and inspirational for children.

The Smallest Hero

Create a story set during World War 1 and talk about a puppy that is actually adopted as a soldier by the British and how he helps the soldiers every day.

The Wealthiest Begger

Create a story of a lesson where a greedy businessman loses everything because he decides to rob a beggar.

Am I God

Create a historical fiction story about a dictator who suddenly believes he is God and how his misconception is broken.

The Mind Reader

Create a romantic story of a man who suddenly discovers that he can listen to what ladies have in their minds and he actually decides to get to know his lover’s mind.

Escape School

Create a story about a lovely childhood tale set in a village about three friends who decide to escape school to go and play in the fields. This story should be about their adventure and mission to escape school.

The Strange Language

Create a story about decoding a mysterious language and how archaeologists suddenly discover how to interpret that language and find a whole new ancient civilization.

The Invisible Ladder

Create a story about a thief who gets the gift of an invisible ladder from a fairy and how he uses that ladder to rob rich people and give it to the poor.

Is This a Maze?

Create a story about the challenges of a king and how his life is like a maze as he tries to escape that maze and become king.

The Electric Candle

Create a story of science fiction about one scientist discovering a type of candle that will never go out as long as it’s next to any source of electricity.

Is It a Star?

Create a story about a child discovering aliens flying around as nobody believes him and he finally gets to meet them and becomes friends with them.

The White Puppy

Create a story about a white puppy that is in an adoption centre and is not getting picked up by anyone until one day a kind human decides to adopt him.

A Shiny Sword

Create a story about the life of a shiny sword in medieval England and create it like an autobiography of that sword.

The Magician’s Wife

Write me a story about a magician who could not get any shows until his wife decided to help him out. It should be inspirational.

Yes Son

Create an inspirational story about an obedient son and loving father and how they face hardships and succeed. Start with “Yes son”.

The Strangest Dream

Write a funny story about the strangest dream possible.

A Familiar Shop

Create an inspirational story about a person returning back to his country of origin and unable to recognise or remember his neighbourhood because everything has changed except for an old shop.

I Can Sing Mom

Create a children’s story about a baby bird who is not confident enough to sing and the whole forest decides to help the child gain its confidence.

The Love Potion

Create a story inspired by Snow White about a witch giving a poor girl a love portion and then the girl decides not to use the love portion but truly fall in love with the prince without any help.

The Adventures of Timmy

Create a story about a little Timmy as he loves to go on adventures but this time he has to go on an adventure to bring medicine for his father.

Awkward First Day

Create a funny story about the first day of an employee at a company and the things that surprise him about the company.

It’s Raining Milk

Create a story of science fiction about a scientist who wanted to buy milk but he lived on an island with no cows and so he decided to create a machine that would turn rain into milk.

The Invitation

Create a political thriller story about two countries that are just about to go to war until one advisor comes up with the idea of inviting the enemy king to the king’s birthday. This stops the war.

Let There Be Rain

Create a biblical-type story about a messiah that changes the course of history for his country by invoking rain after famine.

I Love Thrifting

Create a funny story that talks about thrifting and how John loves the idea of thrifting.

The Woolly Dog

Create an inspirational story about a mountainous woolly dog who goes out to rescue people stuck in the snow.

What’s Under That?

Write a story that starts with “What’s under that?”

The Nuclear Laptop

Write a science fiction story about a laptop that is powered by nuclear energy.

Let’s Play Cards

Write an adventure story about a knight who plays cards with pirates.

The Dairy’s Dairy

Create an interesting and philosophical story about a diary that has its own diary. It should be like an autobiography.

How Was Paris?

Create a story of adventure about two friends visiting Paris.

The Metal Carpenter

Write a fantasy story about a world where carpenters carve metal.

The Last Dinosaur

Write a story of how the last dinosaur was found.

The Judge Is Innocent

Create a crime thriller where the judge is accused of murder and show that he is innocent in the end.

History Doesn’t Repeat

Write a story with the phrase “History doesn’t repeat itself until it does”.

My Fairy Friends

Create a children’s story about a little girl being friends with fairies after she finds them under her pillow.

100 Ways to Smile

Create a romantic story of a guy buying a book about “100 Ways to Smile” and using that to impress his crush.

The Last Meal

Create a funny story about the last meal of a vegan before he turns vegan.

A Public Jet

Create an inspirational story about a millionaire buying a private jet and giving it out to his village for public use.

What’s That Noise?

Create a horror story set in ancient Japan with the title “What’s that noise?”

You Are a Monster

Create a funny story about a monster living in a closet and not knowing that he is a monster until a child tells him that. They become friends.

The Golden Hour

Create a detailed story of photography where photographers try to capture the golden hour. The story should be written in a way as if it were written by a photographer.

He’s A Stranger

Create a political thriller about a politician who decides to disguise himself as a stranger among his people to find out how they are actually living.

Year 2120

Create a dystopian story about the year 2120 when technology brands are going to own countries.

Let’s Make Candy

Create a funny story about a grandma and a granddaughter learning how to make candy together from YouTube.

Pandemic Tales

Create an inspirational and heroic story of the policemen in India during the pandemic.

How To Build a Venice

Create a satirical story about how global warming can turn your town into Venice and how you should stop it.

The Globe Traveller

Create a fictional fantasy story about a globe and a boy who can touch any part of the globe and visit it instantly.

The Exclusive Club

Create a historical fiction story about ancient Rome and an exclusive club of retired gladiators.

Dream Catcher

Create a fantasy story about a dream catcher.

British India

Create a historical fictional story about revolutionaries during British India.

Wish We Were Friends

Create a story that starts with “Wish We Were Friends”.

We hope these creative writing suggestions as well as prompts give you amazing ideas about your next story or novel. You can even utilise creative prompts in the form of creative essay prompts or even write entire novels with them.

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